Happy Valentine’s Day

Wacky hearts 4/29/12

I thought I’d start with a throw back to the 2012 (or so this photo was dated) – I think that’s from when I was doing a monthly themed wall hanging sew along.  It’s called Wacky Hearts because of those curvy hearts appliqued in the middle – fun to stitch!  The pdf pattern is still available to download  if you go to the right sidebar under PDF patterns.   I saw it yesterday on the sewing room shelf and pulled it out to toss over the back of the couch.

In the just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse (colder) category – I opened the door to sweep a bit of snow off my doormat since I’m expecting an Amazon delivery to and brrrrr. I checked the temp – minus 8 currently/high today will be zero – but at least we didn’t get much more snow after I reported about it yesterday, somewhere between 2 and 3 inches is all I think. And at least when it’s this cold its very light and fluffy snow so easy to clear off the sidewalks. This cold weather is getting a bit old tho so I hope the alleged high temp they are listing now for Wednesday which is 20 degress is true. That will be a huge improvement.

Judy and I had been talking (emailing) about Valentine stitch projects the past couple days and she sent me a link to a “Love you…” design on the Hands On Designs webpage — go to the blog section and there are several free cross stitch patterns and she has done a free one for her wedding anniversary each year which are on the “love” theme that would work for Valentine’s too. I knew I had to make it because I had an order in the mail for those exact buttons that are used on it that spell L-O-V-E intending to put it on some Valentine’s project. I recently (scroll down a post or two) showed a couple hand dyed fabrics I had gotten from Etsy. One was this pretty red (but not the normal bright Christmas red that most Aidas are). So last night I pulled a couple threads to start on the “Love you…” design from Hands On Designs and above is my progress.

The other freebie pattern from that same designer’s blog I want to make  is “L-O-V-E”.  I think one of the random button packs I ordered had some teeny tiny hearts in it too.

Before I get back to any stitching tho – one of my least favorite tasks to do is cleaning out the fridge but it needs it. Time to get dressed and get busy. I did wander into the sewing room yesterday and straightened up one corner of it so maybe I’ll just go crazy today and put put another area back in order – you never know! 🙂

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  1. I love your quilt of hearts it is so different and your color choices hit the spot. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading your updates and can’t get over how much you accomplish in a day. Do your hands get tired?

    • My hands have always been busy. I work all day (on the computer but yes I remember the days when your office didn’t have computers so it was electronic typewriters back then) but over the years I’ve done many artsy/crafty things – sewing, macrame, knitting, crocheting, painting, weaving, cross stitching — they all entail different movements so I think they help keep my fingers limber so not my hands don’t get tired. I’m one of those people whose hands must always be busy.

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