Saturday Stitchin Update – 2-13-21

I’ve made some progress since the the last images of both of these projects.    Farmhouse Christmas – I have some of the outlining done for the individual blocks and then decided to work on the center block.  That’s the one I have most of the colors I want for — I’m still (going on 2 full months now) waiting on a floss pack (or two) for this project with the Classic Colors threads.    Some of the colors I’ll use DMC for if the Classic Colors doesn’t arrive before I finish this whole project  ….. um… I mean before I get to certain points.  So I may be skipping around for a bit as I await additional colors.  The Classic Colors have some light/dark shading in them which I why I have it stuck in my head that I really want to use them.  But here is where I am this morning on Farmhouse Christmas.

I have also got a bit more work done on The Prairie Schooler project – more star designs.  I picked similar looking colors to the originals but I’m just sort of deciding where I want to use them in each area.



And some “Happy Mail” as it is called in Flosstube circles (much like the “Box of Fun” stickers The Loopy Ewe puts on their yarn boxes) arrived that I had been waiting on.    Two pieces of hand dyed Aida from Dames of the Needle (Etsy), Sweeney Red (which I wanted for some Valentine and Christmas projects) and the other is Winter’s Dusk and its an opalescent – I think you can see the sort of sparkly blueish/green flecks in it — its really pretty in person and will be used for some wintery projects.

Then there are the various buttons from Just Another Button Company for several projects.   The buttons that spell LOVE – valentines project; BOO – halloween of course.  The packet with the Sheep on it contains two very tiny hearts and a little bird (Valentine project again).  One packet has two different size snowmen, some holly/berries and that button packet will be used to decorate my Home for the Holidays 2020 stitch and the frame from that project is in transit and should arrive in a day or two.  Th other packet on the bottom is various pieces for something I have not yet stitched.  Fun little additions.   As for today’s projects – there is some definite cleaning/tidying up around here that must be done before any stitching or knitting is done.  It’s minus 2 degrees right now – so much for taking out the recycling since I’m not going to wander out in this and yes, it is snowing again.  Woke up to about 2 additional inches yesterday and so far today at least another 2″ and it’s still falling.



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  1. Denise, Love all of your different projects. I have not counted cross-stitched but watching you and Judy is very educational and FUN! Maybe some day. On another thought, how many inches of snow do you have now? Stay safe, stay warm!!!

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