Prairie Schooler – Prairie Christmas

I pulled some colors – I had about half or maybe a bit more of the colors called for and just substitute similar colors for the rest and added in a blue – cause I thought it would go well and plan to use it in a bit of the quilty star block. With all these new bright lights around here you would think I would have picked out the floss while sitting under one of them, but no. My bright red – which looked bright red at the time, is in reality a very bright reddish pink. Oh well – it only gets used in the quilt block and it still goes with the rest of the colors so note to self – check it under the bright lights. But one quarter of the first block is done.

If I thought yesterday was cold…..

Twelve degrees below zero – yes that’s the temp without the wind chill. I’m so glad I don’t have to go out in that today!

I finally started on my Farmhouse Christmas last night so have a bit of progress to show. First tho – I got this beautiful project bag that coordinates with this project don’t you think. Yes – I can make my own project bags but I bought two of them from an Etsy shop called JoyFulStitchingStore in mid-December, a Christmas gift to myself because I fell in love with the fabrics. This one is called Barn Snowmen and it’s wonderfully made. Both of the bags I got from her were lovely and came with a skein of floss to coordinate with the bag – one was white floss and one was red – a nice little touch.

The oval wooden zipper pull came from FripperiesMP on Etsy – a shop I discovered after ordering was in Mineral Point, WI – less than 20 miles where I grew up. I also got the matching floss card with larger holes. It has a magnet imbedded in it as a needle keeper or scissors keeper and on the back has markings to help measure in from the corner of your fabric to help you with where to start if you want a 1″, 2″, or 3″ start in from edge. No I won’t be getting goodies to go with all my projects but again, Christmas gifts to myself for this SAL.

I started on this after dinner last night and made some good progress on the borders around the individual 9 squares. I’d like to finish the outline of all nine blocks first (although it’s not real exciting stitching) but then I can start on any block or work on several blocks at the same time. My fabric is darker than it is showing in the photo. It’s 18 ct Zweigart Aida in Country Mocha. It’s a nice soft fabric.

In addition to this big project, I plan to start a smaller one so I can switch between the two. I have this little wooden pencil box that I plan to use designs from The Prairie Schooler, Prairie Christmas designs to attach to the sides of the box. I had initially thought to stitch them on perforated paper but unfortunately it is only 14 count and that would make the designs too big for the box. So I’ve pulled out some 20 count fabric which should be perfect. I may or may not paint the box – will wait and see once I get all four designs done.

It’s for a gift and the choices of blocks will have some meaning to them to the recipient so I plan to make the Camel, the Partridge (it has pears around it so I’m sure it’s supposed to be the partridge in a pear tree but it also looks like a Quail so that’s what I’m calling it the quail), the quilt block at the bottom, and one other one which I haven’t decided on yet. If I don’t have the actual colors called for I’m just going to pull some from my stash that are similar.

And I got an email today with excellent news – all my mad swatching for sweaters because Amy Herzog’s CustomFit program for generating patterns that was going to cease to exist as of February 15 – well she has sold it – so it will continue to exist with a new owner who has been using Customfit to make gorgeous garments for years. That makes me so happy.