February 6 – the date matches the temperature!

Yes that title is right – it is currently 6 degrees outside. I opened the door to grab my grocery delivery and dang it is not nice out there (and when I placed my order I gave an extra large tip to the delivery person for having to be out in this weather). I have been using grocery delivery for several years and I never appreciate it more than in the winter time. It’s going to be in the single digits for about the next 10 days. Brrrr!!

Well, here’s another sweater swatch I finished that I need to get soaked and blocked today. You might recognize it as looking suspiciously like the last sweater swatch I showed — yep same yarn. That swatch ended up being too loose a gauge – I was afraid a sweater made at that gauge would grow from just the weight of the sweater with wearing so this is on 3mm (US2.5) needles and I think this will be good once blocked.

The ribbing along the bottom is 2 x 2 but I don’t want the ribbing to pull in on the bottom of the sweater for the design I have in mind. It will be slightly A-line with about a 3″ or 4″ wide ribbed border on it and I like the top 4 x 4 ribbing much better. This yarn is so pretty – I’m glad I ordered a second hank of it because I’ve used a good bit of the first one up in making swatches.

And I finished the stitching Home for the Holidays by Shepherd’s Bush. I had a major counting error early on (that’s what I get for paying more attention to a movie than what I’m doing). But it all worked out in the end. I have two different designs that have similar sayings stitched into them “Home for the Holidays” and “There’s no place like Home for the Holidays”. Now whenever I hear that phrase I think of Covid and the reason we were home for the holidays in 2020. So, as my only nod to the year so many of us were home for the holidays (and I was most definitely home for all holidays in 2020), even tho I started this stitch in 2021, I put the date of 2020 in it (and that helped to resolve my counting mistake). And the other design – well I’m just going to change the wording on that whenever I stitch it — home for the holidays will never have quite the warm family gathering feeling when I hear or see that phrase like it use to. 2021 has got to be better.

The word Holidays should be centered under the house. I stitched that word first because I was so excited to try out the variegated floss which I love. Then I stitched up a single vertical line where the left side of the house is so I could continue stitching the words at the top. Well I must have got distracted and counted up from the wrong part of the letter. So in order to recenter the house, I charted and added in the 2020. I also added a few more snowflake and star squigglies. The blank spot to the right of the house had a stitched little snowman and a ceramic smaller button snowman. I actually have two different sizes of button snowmen that I need to dig out and decide if I will use one or both of them – but there will be a snowman button there instead of a stitched snowman. I may even draw a little mask on my button snowman to fully complete the effect of 2020 and put that behind me. Just to give you some perspective – this is stitched on 14 ct Aida and that house is only 2.5″ tall the whole design is square. I have a sort of rust colored wooden frame ordered for this but it hasn’t arrived yet.. There’s supposed to be some back stitching added along the house room — those randomly colored dots are at the top of the house are supposed to be christmas lights but I think the back stitching will just look like a muddle so not adding that.

And, I may get Jack finished off today. Only the front have of the styrofoam is covered by the stitching and you add fabric for the other half and then a strip of fabric around the center sides since this is a no sew project. Isn’t that fabric I found in the stash perfect for this! I may use the red ribbon to hide where the fabric and stitching meets on the sides rather than another fabric piece. That fabric came from The Loopy Ewe when they also carried fabric in addition to yarn and they always had their fabrics tied up with that red grosgrain ribbon so I have lots of pieces of it stashed away that I thought I might find a purpose for one day.

So now that Home for the Holidays stitch is finished, and I finally have my fabric for Farmhouse Christmas, that will be the project I get started on later today after getting some chores done around here and the sweater swatch blocking. I may even drag out the sewing machine to zigzag my Farmhouse fabric edges.

Now I have to go turn up the heat….. 6 degrees….. I am not liking the current weather trend we are in!