Farmhouse Christmas

The stitch along starts tomorrow! (but not for me…. sniff….sniff…) but my fabric should arrive sometime this week so I’ll be ready to go. You will see a heading in the top bar of my blog for this SAL. There is information on that page for (1) if you have a blog, posting a comment with your link to your specific blog post about Farmhouse Christmas (not to your blog in general) or (2) if you have no blog or photo sharing that you can leave a link in the comments about, info on how and when to email your photos to me and I will add them to that page. So if you want to check out the projects others are working in, that’s where you’ll find them on my blog.

My project bag and floss are at the ready so I can hit the ground stitching once my fabric arrives.

Of Lamps and Stitching and Swatches in no particular order

I had shown in the last blog post a new swatch I had finished and needed to block. Yesterday I soaked and got the swatches pinned out to dry and all the time kept thinking I was missing something but couldn’t think what. I had the swatch for the MadTosh Sport, one for some Wollmeise, and one for Dream in Color but something didn’t seem right. Then as I was moving cross stitch stuff aside on the table by me I found the very first swatch that had started all this swatching – Spun Right Around in a blue speckled yarn. AHA that’s what I was missing. So that is now soaking so it can get pinned out.

I started making Jack into a “cube finish” – actually I think of cubes as square so he’s more of a “brick.” After I cut the size I wanted from a large block of smooth styrofoam (I learned there are different types and this is different than the craft type you find in crafty stores – which made it slightly more difficult to cut but not terrible). I went back and added two more snowflakes to balance things out and got the front part attached to the styrofoam. I need to pick out some fabric from the stash yet in order to complete it but here he is half done.

Please ignore the mess around him – craftying is messing. Once it’s all covered I’ve got some metal snowflake doodads that I’m going to hang in the upper corners.

As for lamps – well I like the magnifying lamp I had gotten for cross stich (as my prior review of it said) but in using it more, because the chair I stitch in is an oversized recliner, the lamp just barely reaches to the area where I hold my work to stitch and I feel like I am always having to adjust it to get it over there and afraid I may one day break it by pulling too hard on the goose neck adjustable area. I saw another style lamp that looked like it would be more easily adjustable and with a wider range of movement the way it was made (no goose neck). So Amazon Gift Card to the rescue and I decided to try it – especially since it can be used as a floor stand or it can be placed on a table top – I liked that idea. Well the short story is the first magnifying lamp I got has not been moved to the sewing room (I have a chair in there I can stitch in that is narrower so it will work much better or I can stitch at the table in there and use it for other crafty projects in there (I think it could come in very handy in there when threading the loom heddle too).

I’m so in love with the new lamp – it’s perfect for me. (yes I did love the other one but I do love this more) On Amazon it is called: Brightech LightView Pro 2 in 1 XL Magnifying Floor Lamp – Very Bright LED Light with Full Page Magnifier Glass for Pro Tasks, Reading, Crafts & Hobbies – Converts from Standing to Table Lamp.

2.25X magnification (the other one is 2X) so slightly stronger – more lights and dimmer switch for 5 or 6 levels of light which is excellent. It has a built in cover to close when not in use (magnifier lamps in direct sunlight can cause fires if not covered), very heavy base to it won’t tip over and so easy to adjust and many more angles you can adjust to get it just where you want it. This is now my living room main magnifying lamp and it does everything I want it to.

After searching thru my fabrics for Farmhouse Christmas, I found the only color that was good for it I did not have a large enough piece of. So looked at Happy Little Stitch Shop since I can get things from then in 2 or 3 days and found a piece to order so that should be on it’s way to me soon. Won’t be starting exactly on February 1 but I think Judy is all ready to go. I did get my floss sorted out tho.

And since I had finished the stitching on Jack, I decided to start a new little project because I really wanted to try out the variegated thread that was used in it. The floss by The Thread Gatherer, Silk ‘N Colors, and the colorway is called Dicken’s Christmas SNC 224. I love how it is stitching up – it’s only used in the words in this piece. This patter is shown finished as a pillow but I don’t plan to do that.

I didn’t want to put it down last night it was so fun to stitch with.

Okay – enough prattling on – I’ve got to clean out my mess from yesterday looking for fabric for Farmhouse (and a whole lot of other mess I made.) And I may do a bit of baking before I get to cleaning.

And there’s about 6″ of new heavy wet snow outside my door today – started late yesterday afternoon. It would be prime snowman making snow if I were so inclined….. but I am not inclined today. 🙂