Swatching and Stitching

First – I finished off my third sweater swatch last night. You may remember I’m swatching some several yarns I want to make sweaters out of because the CustomFit program I generate my sweater patterns in is slated to close down as of February 15. So now I just need to block the swatches and then can generate a few more patterns. On the “hopeful” side, there was a note posted that the owner of CustomFit has someone interested who may buy the program/business so its possible it could continue under different ownership. I’m hopeful but still generating several more basic patterns just in case. Here’s the latest swatch.

I bought this group of yarn to see how they would look in real life together because I want to make a simple pullover sweater fading all these colors together. I think it will looks so good. I may need to order duplicates of some of these colors I have but need to generate the pattern first how much total yardage I need and then put that gift certificate to Th Loopy Ewe to work!

And Jack is all stitched! Things I learned on this stitch. I do not like the fabric with the snow dots on it. It’s sort of like they took liquid “white out” and dotted it on (of course only those of you who grew up before the computer era likely know what White Out was if you typed before correcting typewriters came around. 🙂 But it closes up the holes to stitch thru so you have to poke thru it. And Jack ended up with a splotch of it right next to his cute carrot nose which I don’t like and a small one on his head. So not a fabric I would use again (except I do have some leftovers but wouldn’t order this type of fabric again). He has a few mistakes in him but when he’s finished and sitting on a shelf, you won’t notice it. I’m going to finish him using Helen D’s No Sew Cube Tutorial so he can sit on my bookshelf. I changed a few of the colors and moved a few large snowflaks a bit and left one or two of them off but here is Jack!

And very exciting – I just got notification that two packages are out for deliver today – one for a long-awaited order for some of my supplies to work on one of the Amish themed projects.

I’ll save my floss saga for Farmhouse Christmas for another post. Remember Judy and I are starting that SAL and would love to have others stitching with us. (I still need to decide which fabric to use but hope to do that after today’s package arrives.)