Another Gorgeous Frame

Earlier this morning when I opened the door to do the Sled photo shoot in the snow, there was a turkey uprising going on somewhere in the trees out side my door. I could hear a whole lot of turkey gobbling and squabbling going on but there’s a hill and they must have been on the other side of it since I couldn’t see them. Occasionally they will walk down the hill to the other side of the fence so I looked out to see if I could see them a short while ago and there on my doorstep – no not a turkey that would have actually been a bit scary – but a box that had not been there before.

Won’t this be a gorgeous frame. Some frames from Custom Frame Solutions come preassembled and some do not. But they send along the little brackets that slide into precut slots on the back to join them together for the ones that you need to assemble yourself. I loved the sort of verdigris green over the dark brown wood and the gold accents and in real life it’s even prettier than on my computer screen. This one will make an 8″ square frame for a project I have planned but haven’t stitched yet so for the time being I’ll just wrap the pieces up again and put on the framing shelf until I need it.