Single Digit Saturday – 1-23-21

Happy Saturday! It’s a frigid one here – currently it is only in the single digits and really windy so that makes it feel even colder (we won’t even discuss what the “feels like” temp is with the wind chill) – not that I’ve stuck my head out the door this morning yet, but darn I’ve had to turn up the heat! But it’s the first time all winter it’s been this cold so I can’t complain too much.

Last night I started my third swatch for some sweater patterns I want to generate in CustomFit. I have lots of Wollmeise Pure (fingering weight) in the stash that I can mix and match for striped sweaters, color blocked ones or colorwork ones and even tho fingering weight take a long time to knit – especially in my size – I love fingering weight sweaters. The look of them, the feel and drape and since I’m always warm (except today but that’s just cause its so old outside and I’m being lazy and still in my bathrobe) but if I wear anything other than a light sweater in the office I’m always roasting. This is not the color yarn I would make a sweater out of – it just happened to be handy to use to swatch. I do love the colors in this yarn but I bought it to weave with (I think it will be lovely woven up into a scarf) and knew I’d have plenty to weave with even after swatching so here’s my start on the swatch.

I’ve also made some progress on Jack. His bottom half is finished except for some snowflakes and I’m starting on the sweater. I did change colors. The pattern is written for Gentle Arts flosses but the shop where I got it only stocks DMC floss (which is what I mostly use anyway) but the substitute color for his pants was like a powder blue (much lighter than shown in the pattern image) and I just didn’t want my snowman going out in the world in powder blue plaid pants – I didn’t think it would go with his sweater and you can’t have a snowman that can’t color coordinate. 🙂

Then the two frames that arrived earlier this week.

I bought this frame for the Home for the Holidays chart which I started in December (when we were definitely home for the holidays) But its not much to show yet since I set it aside when I decided to order a frame first. I want to change some of the colors — the word “Home” is stitched alternating some shade of red and white but I don’t like the look of it with the “gingerbread house” colors. My plan was to order a frame that would be the color of the gingerbread looking houses. And ordering off the computer can sometime be tricky with trying to match colors but this frame is perfect and gorgeous. So now I will see if I have floss for the houses in shades of “gingerbread” that will look good with the frame color.

The second frame is for a future project I have planned and I have to remember to write on that pattern that I already have the frame so I don’t forget by the time I start/finish it.

I am so in love with this frame. It’s actually silver base with a grayish green added and it makes it look sort of greeny gold (even tho it’s obviously silver used and not gold since I can see it on the back of the frame. The color will be perfect for the project and I love the embossed/carved design.

And miracle of miracles – I finally received one of the large sleds to put cross stitch on (after the three or 4 I had ordered got cancelled because they were backordered and won’t be restocked until maybe April – Covid supply chain issues). It is so gorgeous I almost hate to cover it with cross stitch – but I will!! And I “think” I have three more coming from a different location but that order hasn’t shipped yet so I have my fingers crossed that when I get the shipping notice I don’t get an “out of stock” email. But I’ll save the sled for a different post because I’ve gotten lots of emails asking questions on how you attach your stitching and what kinds of patterns to get, sled sizes etc. and questions from friend Judy too since she plans to make some, so I told her I’d take photos as I attach the stitching to the smaller sleds that I have ready (these are so simple to finish off).

I was thinking about making quiche last night so I need to go see what I might have in the fridge to make a tasty one. I’m going to cheat and use a premade crust and see what I can throw together.