Today was a good day

For some reason my days of the week have seemed off all week – yesterday I thought it was Wednesday, today I was thinking it’s only Tuesday – what a slow week.  You’d think I know what day it is because I alternate remote working and office working days.  But a few minutes ago I realized hey it’s really Wednesday!   And, I got a lot accomplished today  – some days there are lots of interruptions so I don’t get done what I planned but not too bad today. 

It’s also a good day because two of the small frames I had ordered arrived today.  I haven’t opened the box yet but these came much faster than the last ones I ordered.  The night before last I finished A Country Winter.  I made a few color changes, changed the little quilt in the snowman’s hand as explained in my post, and I can’t wait to get this completely finished but I don’t think the frame for this is in the box I received – they split that order and only sent part of it so far but I’ll have to start a shelf of all the things I need to do the framing on. 

So after finishing that, I finished knitting my second swatch for the CustomFit pattern I want to generate.  I need to wind the yarn for the next swatch I want to knit but maybe tomorrow night.  Tonight I plan to work on Jack, which I started last nigth (three different times because I couldn’t decide how many strands to use and changed that, then I thought what if I try over one thread – what was I thinking – and it only took me a few stitches to realize NOPE! that is not the answer, and then got off kilter off since I’m working over two strands and in one spot goofed that up. But I finally got my act together.  I don’t think stitching over two will ever be my favorite way to cross stitch but for a small project here and there I think I can do it.