Sunday, January 17, 2021

Gosh I can’t believe it’s mid-January already. I woke up to a bit more snow yesterday which promptly melted and then this morning – another dusting on the ground but I don’t know that it will last long either. But stuck my head out the door for a bit of fresh air.

I tried to take a photo of the current sweater swatch I am working on and the color just would not show up anywhere near the true color but here’s the website photos from my Ravelry account. This is MadTosh Sport weight I got when they had their big sale. It was showing up really pinky pink and its more of a tan/flesh toned pink. I’m thinking about a color block sweater with bottom in darker and maybe from armholes up (and top of sleeves from that same point) in the lighter color – maybe a stripe or two of the lighter along the bottom of cuffs and hems too. I’m going to get this swatch finished off today and then I have two more other yarns I want to swatch so I can generate some CustomFit patterns before CF shuts down next month.

Now as to the magnifying lamp I got from Amazon – someone left a comment wanting to know how I liked it and I had to do a little review for friend Judy because she wanted to know how I liked it. Well in my email to her was this:  I give it a “Judy, you might need to order this and tell Vince it was my fault” rating. 🙂  

So she now has one ordered. 🙂 I do love it. It makes such a difference and having the lights around the bottom of the magnifier lights up your project so nicely. I had been stitching only on no smaller than 16 count Aida due to not being able to stitch on smaller counts without causing eye strain issues. I don’t “love” stitch on linens – I DO love the look of items stitched on linens but not my favorite thing to stitch on but there are a couple smaller projects I really wanted to stitch on line and now I should be able to easily see to do those. So after using this about 6 hours last night or more, it was a very good purchase for me. And bonus, as I told Judy, I’ll be able to read the fine print on prescription bottles, vitamin bottles and other little instruction things that are just printed too small for me to be able to easily read.

And, with that magnifying lamp, I was able to make great progress yesterday afternoon/evening. I finished off all the stitching on the barn/house, finished the sheep and started on the yard. The white picket fence is outlined by the green but I still need to actually stitch that in. I also still have the white squares in the border to fill in – some areas of that are done but not much. The snowman needs some arms and he’s supposed to be holding a quilt block BUT – since this was a pattern designed for linen, the main part was to be stitched over two threads and then the quilt block go make it smaller was stitched over one. Since I’m using Aida all of mine is stitched over 1, there’s not enough room to add the original block for the quilt. So I may need to change it up and stitch a simple little block in there. Oh and I also have some swirly snow and snowflakes to add in the the sky. But this is well on it’s way to being completed. I love the design across the front of the building.

I remembered to take a couple photos of some stuff I had received as I was starting to organize stitching stuff. One of the reasons I wanted the magnifying lamp was to make this design. It’s going to be a gift but it really needed to be on linen so I can hopefully make it small enough to fit in the top of the round black box I got. I haven’t decided what colors I’ll stitch it in yet but I do love the color palette the original is done in.

I was very impressed with the round box I ordered to insert the stitching design into the top of it. It is very well made, a weighty substantial thing, and lovely velvet lining inside. (I was also looking at this cross stitch design thinking it would make a fantastic quilted tree skirt design. I have never made a tree skirt that I’ve kept for myself (although I’ve made many) so that gives me an idea to mull over.)

I also recently acquired “Jack” which was sold as a kit at The Happy Little Stitch Shop. He is so fun and they had it kitted with some fun fabric with dots of “snow” printed on it (which you can see a bit of it in the image below) so I got that kit. I just love shopping from this shop. I ordered one night, I had a shipping notice the next morning, and it arrived the day after that. Yes, the shop is only about 50 miles from me so that helps get it here faster in these slower postal service times, but I have one place that I placed an order with 18 days ago that still hasn’t shipped. Are they waiting for some stuff I ordered to come in, are they short staffed due to covid, I’m sure they are inundated with orders, but I love that if I order from HLSS that I know I will have it in just two or three days.

I have a plan to finish Jack when it’s done as a “cube.” A new term for me – I never saw finishes like this many years ago when I was cross stitching but saw it on a Flosstube video. You can see the video tutorial at:

I think this is brilliant – no sew, but uses fabrics (I might just have a little of those available), I did have to order flat head stainless steel pins (because my quilting pins are all glass headed) and styrofoam but I can’t wait to try that out. I’m also very excited because although I got a notice from one shop that the two large sleds I had ordered 2 months ago to add cross stitch to were not coming in any time soon and they were refunding my money – remember I had done these mini and medium sleds-

Foxwood Crossing Sleds

I “think” I was able to find some large sleds. I shop would only let me add one to my cart – so I grabbed that and after I ordered that and it did show that item as “out of stock” after I placed my order so I’m hopeful I ordered the last one and it will be coming. I also ordered a couple from another shop but not all shops show their inventory accurately and I haven’t gotten the order confirmation yet so don’t know if they truly had them in stock or if they had ordered more stock and it’s on backorder. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed because these sleds are so much fun and so cute when done that I think many people will be getting them as gifts next year.

Okay – one final note because I need to go do a bit of baking and find some lunch. As I was stitching the project below I was thinking hmmmm — upside down those trees would look like hanging hearts! I’m thinking it may have potential valentines’ day project potential by stitching just the trees as hearts and adding another in the middle or a larger one in the middle. It has possibilities ……