A Country Winter – Progress

Just a quick post because I’ve got a bunch of stuff I want to get done today and stayed up until 3AM stitching on this (and slept in till 8:30!) and have been puttering all morning and not accomplishing much – so I need to get busy.  But here’s my progress on this stitch.  I changed a few colors and that one stitch by the deer’s back legs – it’s left blank on the pattern (maybe it’s supposed to look like white deer underbelly to give some depth perception to the legs?) I don’t know,  but it bugs me so I’m going to fill it in when I get back to stitching on this – but Denise, WALK AWAY FROM THE STITCHING! – I’ve got some other things to do before I get back to that  (and I have a new magnifier lamp that should be delivered today) so I’m looking forward to trying that out.
I’m finally got to get a pot of soup going in the crock pot that I’ve been threatening to make for weeks now, I’ve got a knit project to get off the blocking mats and finish up later, but making soup, cleaning kitchen, starting laundry and making some breakfast or lunch or brunch are on the agenda.