Custom Frame Arrival

The first frame I ordered (before Christmas) arrived today from Custom Frame Solutions.   I’m very happy with it.  I wanted a black wooden frame – the glare for the night time photo doesn’t do it justice since it has some lovely grain in it but it’s a perfect simple wooden frame for this piece. I just have to wait to get the foam core board (which is in transit) and I will be ready to get this one put together.  This one was stitched in 1997!   I may need to have a “framing weekend” since I now have three projects that I have ready to frame.
I knit about half the sport weight swatch I had mentioned in an earlier post (and hope to get the swatch finished tonight) but then I couldn’t resist the call of A County Winter – the cross stitch project from my prior post.   I got all the black squares stitched in for the outer border last night.  And oh the fabric I’m using is so much nicer than the stuff I used for the Snow Sampler that was so very stiff.   This has body to it but does not poke you in the arm while you’re reaching around the hoop! :-) 

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