Stitchin Supplies Slowly Trickling in

Some of the things I had ordered for cross stitching are slowly starting to trickle in.  I was very surprised to see a notice this morning from Custom Frame Solutions that the first frame I ordered (on Christmas Eve I think) is being shipped today. 
I ordered this charcoal colored frame  to go with (I think) this finished project.
Their website said they were very backed up when I ordered the frame (and they were having a 35% off sale when I ordered) so I expected it to take even longer to get this frame, so that was a nice surprise to see it had been shipped.  An even nicer surprise was that after I placed that first frame order, they emailed and said that due to back ups and supply issues, they were offering their one-year membership in their wholesale club to those that had placed an order in 2020, for free for one year.    I got in just under the wire on that offer so for all of 2021 I can get their frames at about 55% off normal price – an excellent savings and all the more reason to get those already finished projects framed.
Yesterday the baker’s dozen of the small sleds for ornaments (gifts for next year),  arrived along with two additional patterns for the designs to go on them.
Of course the one order I’ve been waiting on and still hasn’t arrived (and doesn’t even show as shipped) contains the fabric I think I want to use for the Farmhouse Christmas SAL and the thread pack for that which hopefully gets shipped soon.  I decided to order the hand dyed threads for that project and .     
Here’s how far I am on the Snow Sampler.  Just the top border to do and then I will decide if I want to add a little border down each side to make it fit the frame I got a little better.  I particularly love the scalloped shapes with the words inside – lots of white but it shows up better in person that in my photos against the fabric background.  I think all the white is part of why I love it – only five colors (and one of those colors is just the snowman’s nose and bird beaks) and mostly white but such a subtle design – it reminds me of piped icing.
I also got about 2″ or a bit more knit on my sweater sleeve last night.  Now on to some chores – the grocery order was received and  has been put away but there is that pesky load of towels in the washer.  I keep forgetting to move them to the dryer — this will be the second time I have had to rewash them — I WILL get them in the dryer today.  And I plan to do some actually cooking this weekend (since meals this week have kind of been grab what is quick).  I had two packages of skinless chicken tenders in the freezer that needed to be used so took them out to thaw and figure out what to do with them.  And, as I was typing this I remembered there are mushrooms and I believe part of a bottle of wine in the fridge so Chicken Chablis it is for dinner tonight and there will be leftovers to freeze.   I should also finally get the that crock pot of split pea soup going tomorrow which I’ve been threatening to make for a month now and just haven’t gotten around to getting it started early enough in the day.  And I’m also contemplating making an asparagus quiche.  My mouth is watering just thinking about all these good things to eat.