First New Cast on of 2021

Well you knew I would have to cast on a new project for the New Year right?   I am going to cast on my sweater sleeve today but since I was having to wind more yarn, I pulled the ones for my cowl I want to work on too so I could wind it all at once.
I’m going to be making KISS Cowl Seaside Sampler.  It’s got striping and mosaic work and I do love doing mosaic as it looks similar to colorwork but is so easy to do.  And the yarn is one of my favorites to knit with – Queensland Kathmandu – an aran weight yarn that is a wool, cashmere and silk blend.  Even tho it is aran weight so slightly thicker than worsted, it is a very light weight yarn so items don’t feel heavy.   I’ve got just the hank left to wind for my sweater and then my winding party will be done for today.  


Clearview Sweater Progress

My plan when starting this sweater on Thanksgiving Day was to have the fronts and back done by New Year’s Eve.   I was working on a test knit during that time and a couple other projects so wasn’t sure if I would get those pieces done.  But I was so close.  I finished the back piece last night so just a few hours off my goal.    Now to see if I can get both sleeves finished by Valentine’s Day.  It likely won’t happen since I’m being distracted by other projects but we shall see.  I need to wind a new cake of yarn so I can cast on the first sleeve today.
The snowy scene out my door today after yesterday’s snowfall.