Happy New Year

Well I’ve been puttering all day with various things and not getting much accomplished since I can’t seem to stick with any one thing.  I did stay up very late last night (this morning) working on a cross stitch project and also knitting while watching a Dr. Who marathon that has been running all week. 
I also had to check out the new Yarnathon at Eat.Sleep.Knit that started today.  I am now on Team Fiber Flock, which has a mascot of – yes – flamingos.      I was on the winning team for 2020 (first time) so got $20 added to my store credit so that was an unexpected treat.   I haven’t looked in depth at the badges and quarterly along projects but  I’m sure some of the projects I make will be out of ESK yarn and will qualify for badges.  But I’ve got some sweaters I want to finish, some projects planned with the MadTosh yarn I bought when they were having their big sale so won’t be participating in the Yarnathon to the extent I had in the last couple years.  Plus still waiting to see what The Loopy Ewe has in store for their next group projects which start in February.  One of my bosses gave me a very nice gift card to TLE for Christmas so I’m saving that as well.  But my knitting plans for 2021 are pretty simple – I have two sweaters I want to finish soon, another project that has been in hibernation for a while that I want to get finished, two sweaters I’m itching to start (but will hold off for a bit), and I’m hoping to make all of my projects from patterns I already own and with yarn I already own this year.  Yes, I know I will buy some yarn but I’m hoping to not go above the store credits I have at both shops – and I still have about $150 in lotto cards to mail in for store credit. 
Today I’ve been stitching on Country Cottage Needleworks “Snow Sampler.”

snow sampler 

My only regret is the fabric I picked – Aida is usually stiff but this is a brand I bought from Amazon (KCS) and it’s really really stiff.  It does say on the package that if you think it is too stiff, dip it in water and rub softly and it will wash off some of the starch.   I will definitely do that with the other half of the piece that I cut off before using that because it is definitely crunchy.  I’m stitching it on 14 count with 2 threads. 

I decided to start in the center so am working on the block with the house and trees.  Right now my trees look sort of like snowflake topped palm trees. 🙂  I have to add the green to the trees yet and that house  block will be done.  It seems appropriate to work on a snowy scene since again today we’ve gotten a couple inches of very fluffy snow but I think it has stopped for now.