11-29-20 -More Progress

I can’t believe November is almost over. Its been a gray day here but at least it’s not raining. Late morning I headed back into the sewing room to continue my bagging of yarn and real progress has been made – despite my coffee breaks getting longer as the day has gone on. But I can finally see progress and will keep at it a bit longer.

All the yarn from the cubbies has been taken out, bagged and put back in place and it’s so much tidier. No ball hanks or balls of yarn spilling out when I open the doors or dig thru to find something. One of the cubbies on the bottom has several sweaters in progress I need to finish and at least one I plan to rip back – not liking it – but they are all bagged up with their yarn. And before all these cubbies were full; now the three doors that are closed are still empty and two other ones only partially full so bonus space. I even added three of those bags that were stored on a different shelving unit into the cubbies and still have the leftover space.

I’ve got a container of odds and ends – yarn that is wound but is it a hank I wound but then didn’t start the project? Or is it a “left over” from a project that needs to go in the huge leftovers bag. Don’t know what I’ll do with the stuff in the “leftovers” bag – it’s a huge bag like those zipper bags you get from a king comforter set and it’s nearly full. But for the time being I keep tossing the leftovers in there.

The rest of the apartment may be a mess at the moment (although the kitchen isn’t bad) but at least I’ll have one room done. Back to work.

6 comments on “11-29-20 -More Progress

  1. That is a great organization system. I’m impressed with how much you accomplished. I just can’t seem to get a handle on the mess in my sewing room lately.

  2. There’s a pattern for left-over yarn – called Swirly Square Stitch Knitting Pattern. You can find it at Studioknitsf.com. I’m using up my fingering weight leftovers – I knit with a color til it’s gone than add the next. It’s a mindless knit and hopefully will make a cozy throw someday:)

    • Cute pattern. Yes I know there’s lots of patterns for leftovers but much like with my quilting (I’ve never liked making scrap quilts) I’m not likely to use the leftovers. Plus, making a blanket or throw that can’t be machine washed and dried doesn’t thrill me either. Occasionally I dig thru for a particularly favorite yarn leftover to use for a linen stitch mug rug. Some may possibly make it to the weaving projects but I don’t see me knitting anything scrappy with them.

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