Yarn arrived earlier this week for a test knit I’m doing thru Miss Babs yarn for a wrap designed by Michael Harrigan. It’s a simple to knit pattern with mosaic stitching. The original yarn I ordered had a couple issues (not the fault of Miss Babs of course since I love all her yarns). The Dark Pegasus looked like a dark gray on my computer but was in fact a dark brown. So the Celebration, which is a variegated and can vary from hank to hank, had too much dark brown and dark green sections which seemed to disappear into the background colored yarn. I tired them together but it just was not going to work well – what’s the point of using two colors if you can’t see part of them in the pattern. Well that’s not good – so I ended up switching the variegated for a different Miss Babs yarn I had here which shows up much better against the brown background.

The photo is what I finished last night after restarting it all with the new color. It’s knit lengthwise so it’s a long cast on but if you’ve never tried mosaic, it’s one of the easiest ways to work with a second color since you only use one color per row. If you can knit, purl and slip stitches, you an do mosaic work. I’m about twice as far along.

While waiting for this yarn to arrive I was able to finish the second pair of socks I was working on, as well as a second mitten (tho I may rip back the edge of the mitten because I think I knit one a few rows shorter than the other but that will wait for another day). I also cast on a new pair of mittens and got the cuff done before starting on this wrap. I need to get photos of those finished projects yet.