11-29-20 -More Progress

I can’t believe November is almost over. Its been a gray day here but at least it’s not raining. Late morning I headed back into the sewing room to continue my bagging of yarn and real progress has been made – despite my coffee breaks getting longer as the day has gone on. But I can finally see progress and will keep at it a bit longer.

All the yarn from the cubbies has been taken out, bagged and put back in place and it’s so much tidier. No ball hanks or balls of yarn spilling out when I open the doors or dig thru to find something. One of the cubbies on the bottom has several sweaters in progress I need to finish and at least one I plan to rip back – not liking it – but they are all bagged up with their yarn. And before all these cubbies were full; now the three doors that are closed are still empty and two other ones only partially full so bonus space. I even added three of those bags that were stored on a different shelving unit into the cubbies and still have the leftover space.

I’ve got a container of odds and ends – yarn that is wound but is it a hank I wound but then didn’t start the project? Or is it a “left over” from a project that needs to go in the huge leftovers bag. Don’t know what I’ll do with the stuff in the “leftovers” bag – it’s a huge bag like those zipper bags you get from a king comforter set and it’s nearly full. But for the time being I keep tossing the leftovers in there.

The rest of the apartment may be a mess at the moment (although the kitchen isn’t bad) but at least I’ll have one room done. Back to work.

Windows Wrap by Michael Harrigan – Test Knit

Off the blocking mats and some photos taken. I’m not a great photo take and the bright sunshine was washing out the colors but larger photos of some of the smaller ones above are blow. This was a fun test knit and the Miss Babs Caroline yarn (the brown) is so soft it makes you just want to wrap it around you neck. The pattern hasn’t been released for publication yet but I will post it when it is.

Saturday Nov. 28, 2020

I had to type the date as the title so I remember what day it is today. Four-day weekends make it harder to remember when I’m not working and constantly typing the date (not that I’m complaining) but I woke up thinking it was Sunday so am very happy it is not. I opened the door a short while ago to see what it was like outside – a chilly 35 but should be warming up soon and the sun is shining – a nice change from the rain and gray days we have had of late.

Yesterday I had planned to knit all day but after clearing off the sewing room table so I could block the test knit Windows Wrap, I decided to stay in there and continue my project of bagging the yarn in the cubbie hole storage system. I want to put it all in very large heavy duty zip lock type bags – which I’m able to use the vacuum to suck the air out of and they seem to have a good seal because they appear to be holding – since I don’t want to risk a bug/moth infestation and also it keeps the yarn tidier and I can fit more into each cubby which of course is a bonus (due to that black friday sale yarn which will arrive in the not too distant future). I plan to continue working on that today.

But there was progress made on the new sweater last night and the grid pattern shows up better.

Good thing I went outside to get that sweater photo because I discovered a package waiting for me. The mail person must have snuck it there late yesterday. I wasn’t expecting anything and discovered it was the prize for finishing the EKS Yarnathon (each of the main levels on the yarnathon map which is based on yardage purchases and extra yardage boosts for certain things, yardage won on lotto cards, and yardage awarded for KALs) and a prize for getting to a certain badge level for projects submitted. So the large tote bag and smaller pouch were inside. I love this tote bag because the handles are long enough I can put it over my shoulder (a “must” in my opinion for any good tote bag) and it zippers shut and has a large zipper pocket on the front. And the smaller pouch is zippered too. A nice surprise to find this morning.

I’ve been busy doing laundry and some other stuff this morning and haven’t even had a cup of coffee so it’s time to remedy that and get a pot going, take out some garbage and then go see if my Wrap is dry and get to bagging some more yarn.

Rubber Pineapple Cake

So the angel food pineapple cake I was so looking forward to yesterday — it was a complete and utter failure.    You need an angel food cake mix – the kind where it says “just add water” and it comes in one packet.   When I placed my grocery order I ordered the appropriate Betty Crocker cake mix.   I didn’t notice until I opened the packet yesterday that the grocery store had to substitute a different brand and it was one that has the egg white packet separate from the flour packet.  Now here’s where I went wrong — I decided to try it anyway and mixed the two powdered packets together and then dumped in the can of crushed pineapple.   It foamed very little (and it should have foamed up a good bit).   When the stove timer went off, I had a 3/4″ cake pan of rubber.  It didn’t rise, it didn’t brown on top and it was horribly nonedible. LOL  Oh well – it was a science experiment that ran amok.

I did cast on a new sweater yesterday using the Wollmeise yarn I had started a different sweater in but had used the wrong size needles so had to rip that one back.    I’m making Clearview Cardigan – an Amy Herzog CustomFit pattern – with just a subtle grid pattern to break up all the stockinette.  An easy grid to memorize and when blocked the Wollmeise will show it well.


Of course since it’s Black Friday there may have been a bit of black friday yarn sale shopping at Eat.Sleep.Knit.  It’s a sale (guaranteed 10% off your order) but also a bit like gambling – it could be 10% up to 100% off your order but you don’t know what percentage you got until after you checkout.  I got yarn for a couple weaving projects I want to try and a possible throw.   So all my Black Friday shopping is done.

Today will be a sort of lazy day – I do have some laundry going and need to finish loading the dishwasher but it will be mostly a knitting on the sweater day and a little tidying up  of things between knitting breaks. 🙂  I stuck my head out the door to see what it was like – overcast and only 35 degrees at the moment.  I have some biscuits nearly ready to come out of the oven – I’ve been hungry for bacon, egg and cheese biscuits and although I thought I was out of bacon I discovered a box of it in a cupboard I forgot about.  So while not as good as McDonald’s (I love there’s) it’s a good close second.   So coffee refill, biscuit sandwich, and I think today will be a day of DVD movie favorites from my childhood that we used to be on tv between the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays — Hans Brinker of the Silver Skates, March of the Wooden Soldiers, Hans Christian Andersen — happy family movies.

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope your Thanksgiving Day is safe, happy and healthy. I’ve been puttering with things most of the morning and not accomplishing a lot – but that’s fine. Thanksgiving dinner for me will be Crispy Baked Chicken Thighs, Stove Top stuffing, cranberry sauce, some vegetable, and for dessert Angel Food Pineapple cake – which I am off to make in a few minutes. I was going to have cornish hen but when I went to get them out of the freezer I realized the chicken thighs were in the fridge already from my recent grocery order and I would just have to put those in the freezer and defrost the other. Seemed silly to do that so the cornish hens will be saved to another day when I feel like making homemade dressing (I forgot to add a key ingredient to my shopping list so can’t have homemade today). The cake is one they were talking about on Ravelry a couple weeks ago and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. It’s just an angel food cake mix and a can of crushed pineapple you dump together and stir and bake in a 9 x 13 pan. Super simple and it sounds delicious (and I had pumpkin pie last week so I’ve had my pumpkin fix for a while).

I’ve finished several knitting projects lately. The Windows Wrap I was test knitting is finished but I need to block and it and get final photos. Love it!

I finished this pair of mittens – I was using leftovers from several hanks of yarn and clearly some was lighter than the other but they are mittens for me so I don’t care. I got to break them in earlier this week when I went to work and there was 2″ of snow on the railings by the steps and more huge flakes coming down. It switched to rain during the day so was all gone by the time I got home.

I also finished this pair of socks for gifting.

And I started another pair of mittens

Today I’ve been eyeing up the swatches I’ve knit in the not too distant past because I think a 4-day holiday calls for starting a new sweater – especially since this is the first year we start getting the Friday after Thanksgiving off as a paid holiday from now on. I don’t think I should be doing lots of cleaning on paid holidays, right? (even tho if you saw my apartment you might think I should consider it). That cake won’t bake itself so I’m headed to the kitchen.

Windows Wrap Test update

Great progress has been made since my last photo.   I was up to the very wee hour  of the morning knitting happily along on this test knit – finally stopped at 3AM when I ran out of the first hank of my background color.  I’m  4-1/2 rows beyond the half way mark – they eyelet row at the top is the half way point – so need to wind some more yarn before continuing on.  This is a very easy knit – the mosaic sections and change up of colors and garter stitch versus stockinette keep it interesting but not at all difficult.   I think it would be fun to also make one where each group of rows/section of contrast color is a separate  color.   After I finish this, I may try making a cowl using that idea.



Yarn arrived earlier this week for a test knit I’m doing thru Miss Babs yarn for a wrap designed by Michael Harrigan. It’s a simple to knit pattern with mosaic stitching. The original yarn I ordered had a couple issues (not the fault of Miss Babs of course since I love all her yarns). The Dark Pegasus looked like a dark gray on my computer but was in fact a dark brown. So the Celebration, which is a variegated and can vary from hank to hank, had too much dark brown and dark green sections which seemed to disappear into the background colored yarn. I tired them together but it just was not going to work well – what’s the point of using two colors if you can’t see part of them in the pattern. Well that’s not good – so I ended up switching the variegated for a different Miss Babs yarn I had here which shows up much better against the brown background.

The photo is what I finished last night after restarting it all with the new color. It’s knit lengthwise so it’s a long cast on but if you’ve never tried mosaic, it’s one of the easiest ways to work with a second color since you only use one color per row. If you can knit, purl and slip stitches, you an do mosaic work. I’m about twice as far along.

While waiting for this yarn to arrive I was able to finish the second pair of socks I was working on, as well as a second mitten (tho I may rip back the edge of the mitten because I think I knit one a few rows shorter than the other but that will wait for another day). I also cast on a new pair of mittens and got the cuff done before starting on this wrap. I need to get photos of those finished projects yet.

November 1, 2020

I made one crocheted pumpkin for the Eat.Sleep.Knit yarnathon Flash KAL/CAL that ended at midnight last night. I’m not a huge fan of knit or crocheted stuffies but this one is the perfect place for my little scarecrow to sit. It was fun to see all the different styles of knit and crocheted pumpkins that were made and every color of the rainbow. Some of my favorites were very dark blue pumpkins – so fun.

I stepped out the door this morning to take a progress shot of this scarf and dang! it is definitely a very blustery day out there and currently 32 degrees. There’s a wind warning and I can see why – my apartment is sort of nestled in an area protected from the wind but not today. Anyway, here’s my progress on my current scarf — I guess it is apt that I call it my “Windy Day” scarf. It has pinwheel designs in the mosaic sections. The colors are showing up more grayish in my photos but the single photos of the yarns used are the true colors – three shades of brown which are very pretty together. The yarn is Woolfolk Tynd which is a lovey soft 100% Merino. I’m hoping to get the section I’m working on currently finished – those two darker brown colors together make it harder to see during nighttime knitting but I just remembered a new lamp I had gotten but not taken out of the box yet that has a separate reading light attached to the torche lamp so I may need to break that out of the box and put it together.

I also just signed up for a test knit in the Miss Babs Ravelry group for a mosaic wrap by designer Michael Harrigan. I’m looking forward to getting started on that but need to wait for the yarn to arrive – it’s Miss Babs’ Caroline which is wool/cashmere/nylon blend and I can’t wait to try it – I haven’t used that base of her yarn before. The colors I will be using are Dark Pegasus and Celebration. I’ve got two Dark Pegasus coming and one Celebration. In the mean time, before this yarn arrives I may try to get that half (or three-quarters, can’t remember where I left off) sock done that I’m making as a gift so I can cross all the gift knitting I need to do off my list for the holidays.