One Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty-one Beads!

This is the Oscillo cowl pattern I started last week with a few additions – like for instance 711 more beads than the pattern called for. I started out following the pattern with the bottom border rows of beading.

Each one of those scalloped sections as 15 beads – 540 beads in the bottom border alone. But then I went a bit rogue and decided to add stockinette, garter, elongated stitches at will and of course add more rows of beads.

The pashmina gives it a lovely drape and I like the weight the beads add to it. It needs a light block but I love the way this turned out.

October 17, 2020 – A windy day

Goodness – I went outside to take a photo of a cowl I’m working on and nearly got blow over in the cold wind. And I see from my computer that we have “high wind warnings.” Yep, definitely windy and only 48 at the moment with some rain drizzling. A very good day to be inside (not that I’m outside most days!) 🙂 But I managed to snap a quick photo of the cowl start before it threatened to blow away.

It’s got several rows of beads added to dropped stitches so makes a wavy pattern. It’s rather fun to do. The pattern is Oscillo by Laura Nelkin which just came out earlier this week. I gathered up all the bead tubes and boxes to see what I had because it takes a lot of them. I don’t have a large selection of beads since I rarely use them but found enough I think to maybe even add a couple more rows of the beading which is just along the bottom edge of the cowl.

The first two rows of beads I’ve added are different colors since I don’t have enough of any one color but so far I’ve emptied two tubes with just about a dozen beads left over. I’m just using various pink/purple/blueish iridescent beads so hopefully will have enough to do each row a different color. And in light of today’s weather, maybe its a good thing that earlier this week I started a new pair of mittens for me.

Just a very basic pattern – The World’s Simplest Mittens by Tin Can Knits – and if you’ve never made a pair of mittens in the round before, I highly recommend this pattern and its free!

Crooked Path Scarf a/k/a Tinbridge

My Crooked Path scarf is finished. The pattern is Tinbridge by Laura Aylor (FogboundKnits) and I love it. Garter squish, simple zigzag pattern – what’s not to love. Plus it’s in my favorite shade of green – Malabrigo Rios in Lettuce colorway. And with this pattern you don’t have to worry about the edges of your scarf rolling. That is the one thing I hate about knitting scarfs – rolling edges as you wear it. I can see myself making this one for many gifts. I decided to add a bit of fringe to this one because I love using my fringe twister.

October 11, 2020

I had the door open a bit this morning and heard a ruckus in the leaves. When I looked out there was a turkey about 10 feet in front of my door just on the other side of the fence. It was a speedy devil tho because by the time I grabbed the camera, it had gone into some dense shrubs. We’ve seen lots of turkeys this week on the ride to and from work. They must know its hunting season and coming in to the City to safety for a while. 🙂 Actually we see them year round in the places we’ve been seeing them so they are city-dwellers.

Finished off one sock last night. Instead of starting the other one, which I will do today, I picked up the scarf I had started not long ago and got another couple of zig-zags done on that.

October 10 already!

Goodness the past couple weeks have flown by. Not that I’m doing anything terribly exciting – going to the office a couple days a week, working at home a couple days aweek and staying home all the rest of the time since Wisconsin’s covid numbers horrible.

I’m so grateful for the great friend who drives me to and from work on the days I work at the office — getting on a bus right now is not something I would like to do. So we mask up for the drive, everyone in the office is masked up all day and only about a third of the employees are in on any given day (hence the alternating work days each week. ) I do miss our weekend breakfasts out but it will be a long time before we venture into a restaurant again.

I’m on vacation all this next week – not that I’ll be going anywhere – but hope to get some projects done around the apartment and it sounds like the weather will be very nice – a bit of a warm up from our cooler fall temps of last week so that will be nice.

On the knitting front – the pink sweater I showed in the last block post — it just wasn’t looking the correct size compared to my prior sweaters I had knit and I realized I had picked up the wrong needle – not the one I had swatched with – to start knitting the sweater. So that has been ripped back to restart but I may decided on a different sweater design for that yarn – maybe a pullover – since I remembered I have a pink cardi already in the works that I need to finish. On the greenish sweater I had pulled out of hibernation and also showed last time – the front is now finished and I’m working on the sleeves.

In the meantime I started on some boot/hiking socks as a gift – they are made from worsted weight yarn so knit up really quickly and will be squishy and warm and I know the recipient will like them. First pair started and finished in less than a week – actually about 5 days. Wish I would make all my socks for me in worsted weight but I wouldn’t be able to get my shoes on!

They are in Lorna’s Laces worsted; and the second pair was started late Thursday night (so not much knitting time that night). But I’ve turned the heel on the first sock of that pair and am on the foot straight-away section after the gusset.

Since today is the weekend and the start of my vacation, I didn’t set the alarm and was up late knitting last night so slept in a bit today. Time to get busy on a few things. And it’s that time of year to pull out my favorite large Fall wall hanging for the living room!