A new swatch

I knit a new swatch last night and it is now blocked and dried.

I pulled some Wollmeise DK out of the stash – this color is called Nichts. It is pink – a color I don’t wear alot of – but a darker shade so I think I will like it. Wollmeise has great stitch definition. I wanted to see how this grid stitch looked. I’m thinking cardigan (because yes I want to use these buttons on it) with a panel of texture stitches between the button bands and where the waist shaping is and the rest stockinette. I like this stitch pattern but I’m not totally sure it is what I want so I’ll be flipping thru my stitch dictionaries again to see if anything else strikes my fancy. I still need to figure out the specifics of the style of cardigan I want to put the info into CustomFit to generate my pattern.

I also finished off the lacy vee scarf last night and added some fringe to it but want to use my fringe twister on it before I block it and take some photos. It turned out very pretty.