Since I finished the knitting on my Primavera cardigan a few days ago, I now have two sweaters to get blocked so I can continue with the seaming. But with totally rainy dreary weather it’s not a good blocking/drying time (plus I just don’t feel like blocking at the moment) so I was digging through my projects to see what else I might work on.

I came across a new Fogbound Knits (Laura Aylor, designer) pattern that was just released called Tinbridge – a simple but striking mostly garter stitch pattern. I pulled out some Miss Babs yarn I had handy but wasn’t sure how well it would work in this pattern.

I decided it was too stripey/pooly looking (plus I made a mistake and got my yarnover in the wrong places in one row) so decided to switch yarn and start over. I’m going to be using Rios in Lettuce – a favorite green.

I also picked up a scarf I had about half done, wound another hank of yarn and have knit have that hank into it last night. I’m using a Lacy-Vee stitch, which is easy to memorize and if you can read your knitting, very easy to do without having to refer to what row you are on. I’m hoping to get this scarf finished this week.