Sheffield knitting done

I finally finished all the miles of stockinette for the Sheffield Cardigan. It needs to have those long side/underarm seams seamed up and there’s a small seam area at the back of the neck, but I’m waiting for some binder clips I ordered to arrive since I put my box of them somewhere really safe and can’t find them. But I needed more anyway so glad I finally ordered some.

I picked back up on my Primavera Cardi. I’m about 3/4 done with the back section and then I have just one sleeve left to make. Compared to Sheffield this is going so much faster since the needles are much larger and it’s heavier yarn.

Yesterday I actually wandered into the sewing room to do some cleaning. Since February when I broke my arm, I haven’t done any work in there but I did keep shoving stuff that was in my way into that room. The big tub with the x-mas tree and decorations was still sitting in the middle of that room becuase I wanted to see if it would fit into that closet or not.

The x-mas tub fit even better than I thought it would into that closet, with a bit of room to spare, various totes with yarn I had purchased or pulled out to audition for projects was put back where it belongs. Slowly but surely I am making progress. It’s a rainy day to day so I plan to head back in there in a bit to sort thru some more clutter and maybe regain the table so I can actually get back to some sewing in the not too distant future.

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