Positively Pink

After making a second swatch for my Wollmeise yarn (I showed you the first in the last post) I decided not to use either of those stitch patterns too. I found a Broken Rib stitch that has traveling twisted stitches across six stitches so am using that, along with a twisted rib for all the ribbing. The Broken Rib will go up either side of the button band on the fronts. I’m still debating if I will add any of it to the sleeve or back but for now I’m working on the right front.

I also picked up a sweater that has been hibernating for a long time – lots of stockinette in this plain a-line pullover. The yarn is Hand Maiden Mini Maiden — lovely single ply of 50/50 wool and silk so has a wonderful drape. When I put it aside I had the back done and about 8″ of the front done. After 4 or 5 days working on it (amongst working on the pink sweater) I’ve just started the deep vee-neck shaping, and have just a handful of rows before I start the armhole shaping, so it’s moving right along. It’s a CustomFit version of Sanderling.

A new swatch

I knit a new swatch last night and it is now blocked and dried.

I pulled some Wollmeise DK out of the stash – this color is called Nichts. It is pink – a color I don’t wear alot of – but a darker shade so I think I will like it. Wollmeise has great stitch definition. I wanted to see how this grid stitch looked. I’m thinking cardigan (because yes I want to use these buttons on it) with a panel of texture stitches between the button bands and where the waist shaping is and the rest stockinette. I like this stitch pattern but I’m not totally sure it is what I want so I’ll be flipping thru my stitch dictionaries again to see if anything else strikes my fancy. I still need to figure out the specifics of the style of cardigan I want to put the info into CustomFit to generate my pattern.

I also finished off the lacy vee scarf last night and added some fringe to it but want to use my fringe twister on it before I block it and take some photos. It turned out very pretty.

Tinbridge Scarf

The switch of yarn for the Tinbridge scarf was definitely a good thing. This Rios is showing off the simple zig zag and garter stitch pattern so much better – and what’s not to love – it’s my favorite color green and my favorite color of green yarn – Lettuce. If you are looking for a simple to knit scarf – which would make a great holiday gift too or a gift for yourself – I highly recommend this pattern. I’m calling mine the Crooked Path scarf (for obvious reasons) I’ve finished off the first hank of yarn to where I am in the photos so need to wind the next one. The first photo is the truest in color.


Since I finished the knitting on my Primavera cardigan a few days ago, I now have two sweaters to get blocked so I can continue with the seaming. But with totally rainy dreary weather it’s not a good blocking/drying time (plus I just don’t feel like blocking at the moment) so I was digging through my projects to see what else I might work on.

I decided it was too stripey/pooly looking (plus I made a mistake and got my yarnover in the wrong places in one row) so decided to switch yarn and start over. I’m going to be using Rios in Lettuce – a favorite green.

I also picked up a scarf I had about half done, wound another hank of yarn and have knit have that hank into it last night. I’m using a Lacy-Vee stitch, which is easy to memorize and if you can read your knitting, very easy to do without having to refer to what row you are on. I’m hoping to get this scarf finished this week.

Wisconsin Quilt Expo

This weekend is Wisconsin Quilt Expo weekend – I just remembered it – and it’s gone virtual so anyone can see all the lovely quilts. So if your day is a dreary, rainy day like mine is, I can think of nothing better than knitting and watching the virtual show, vendors mall, and lectures that are available.

Just go to Quiltshow.com. You will be asked to register – email/name/address – but there is no fee. Today is the last day.

And of course I had to add a quilting photo to this post – I looked for the last project I was sewing on – it was a project to use some of the special designed Loopy Ewe print fabrics.  as I was cleaning the sewing room last weekend I found this still on my table (tho these blocks are all sewn together).


Sheffield knitting done

I finally finished all the miles of stockinette for the Sheffield Cardigan. It needs to have those long side/underarm seams seamed up and there’s a small seam area at the back of the neck, but I’m waiting for some binder clips I ordered to arrive since I put my box of them somewhere really safe and can’t find them. But I needed more anyway so glad I finally ordered some.

I picked back up on my Primavera Cardi. I’m about 3/4 done with the back section and then I have just one sleeve left to make. Compared to Sheffield this is going so much faster since the needles are much larger and it’s heavier yarn.

Yesterday I actually wandered into the sewing room to do some cleaning. Since February when I broke my arm, I haven’t done any work in there but I did keep shoving stuff that was in my way into that room. The big tub with the x-mas tree and decorations was still sitting in the middle of that room becuase I wanted to see if it would fit into that closet or not.

The x-mas tub fit even better than I thought it would into that closet, with a bit of room to spare, various totes with yarn I had purchased or pulled out to audition for projects was put back where it belongs. Slowly but surely I am making progress. It’s a rainy day to day so I plan to head back in there in a bit to sort thru some more clutter and maybe regain the table so I can actually get back to some sewing in the not too distant future.