A beaded project

The camera is back in working order so I have some pictures to share once again.  This is going to be a little shawl – not to wrap around the shoulders but more as a neck wrap since it only takes on hank of yarn.  The yarn is Dream in Color Jilly and the color way is called Blanchefleur.  It is just so pretty with little blips of color in it.  There are two different colors of beads. You work the pattern from corner to corner on the bias so the corners are heavily beaded but it’s three rows of beads all around the edges of the shawl with the center beadless, which will be apparent once I get farther along.  The pattern is Beadier Shawl.  A couple new projects in the works since I last posted but I’ll save those for later

The hot/humid streak of the last three weeks has finally broken and I was able to turn off the air and open the doors and let some fresh air in and hear the birds singing. Definitely a nice change of weather.