Camp Loopy Finish

I finally finished a Camp Loopy project for 2020. My first project I will finish but just didn’t finish before the end of the month it was due. The second project – well you might recall that was the toddler sweater pattern that had issues with the instructions and despite my best efforts to make it work, once the birds pooped on the pieces I had blocking and drying outside — well that was the end of that project!

So here’s my shawl I call Pink Sky at Night. The pattern is The Sky at Night and it’s an easy one to knit. As I’ve said before, I love squishy garter shawls with a bit of lace especially when knit on larger needs with worsted weight yarn. This is 825 yards (so I managed to get the 800 required for the month of August Camp).

More dishcloths completed




More dishcloths – the Lacy Vee stitch is one of my favorites and a really easy repeat to memorize.  I’m planning to use that stitch in a sweater.   The Bean Stich – easy to crochet but I don’t really are for the look of it nor the Packer colors but the yellow was sitting there handy at the time.  The Victorian Lattice Square I added a couple more rows of double crochet/single crochet to make it just a bit larger.  That one will be used as a trivet and was a fun one to crochet.


This gorgeous pile of yarn I pulled out is going to become a sweater.  It’s two different colors of Dream in Color Jilly – a single ply fingering weight yearn.  I did a swatch yesterday with the lighter color.  I came across a cast on called Old Norwegian Scalloped Edge Cast On which would make a pretty edging for my sweater so added that to the bottom of my swatch.


This year knits up so pretty and I love the little scallops along the bottom.  It took a time or two watching the video to get my fingers to coordinate with how she was casting on but after you get the stitches cast on, the rest of the rows are really easy to do.  It will be a very light weight sweater in this yarn.  My plans, which I need to finalize in CustomFit, are for a vee neck, A-line sweater with elbow length sleeves with the scallops at hems.  I’ll start with the darker colored yarn at the bottom and then fade in the lighter color as I go along.

I keep forgetting to take a photo of the pink shawl but I am still working away on that.  I just might finish it before the end of the month when Camp Loopy ends for the summer.


Sunday – August 9, 2020

Hmm … looking back at last Sunday’s post, I’ve finished some things and started more.   The blue dishcloth is done, as well as another one started and finished since last post – well make that  two more finished since last post since I’ve got a yellow one done.  An orange one and a green one are in the works  I’ve mostly worked on the dishcloths this week.  Photos of those later since some of them are blocking.

I finally wound more yarn for the pink shawl last night and have gotten through another lace  section and garter section on that.

Yesterday I just could not get motivated – I slept badly and kept dozing off every time I sat down.  It was a hot and humid day which just sort of added to the laziness.  I did get a load of laundry or two started and stacked the dishwasher but I think that was the extent of chores I got done.

Today – up earlier than normal for a weekend – several more loads of laundry done and some other cleaning tasks and as of now I have a peach pie in the oven.   Last time I ordered peaches in my grocery delivery they were not the normal size peaches I had been getting.  They were almost the size of softballs.  I have never seen peaches that big.  I ate the first one and it was okay, but not real sweet and juicy.  I had a pie crust in the fridge so I decided I’d cut the other two up and put them on the pie crust and sort of fold it over in half.   Little did I know that those two peaches would fill the crust so I had no room to fold it over!!   Since I had been debating making peach crisp versus pie, I just put the “crisp” mixture on top of my pie.  There just might be a bit of vanilla ice cream stashed in the fridge too.

Today must be “cookin in the kitchen” day for me – not that any of these things are hard or real timeconsuming but I’ve been making some pretty easy fast meals lately and haven’t used the oven much and definitely haven’t done any baking in a long time.

Once the pie is done, there’s some oven baked crispy chicken thighs to go in (that large package of chicken was hogging too much of my freezer space) and I think baked potatoes since I’ll have the oven going anyway.

Remember all these sea glass bits I got to crochet into a multistrand necklace.  I’m debating yarn color to go with them.

These are the contenders at the moment.  I’m leaning towards the first one, since I don’t know that I would like the natural color.  What do you think would work best?  I’m not in a hurry to start this project so still waiting to see if any other good colors come into stock.


The yarn is Malabrigo Mora which is 100% Mulberry silk so the strands of the necklance won’t get caught up or “stick” to each other like other wooly yarns will.  This yarn also has a greaat silky sheen.

The dryer has buzzed….. back to work.

Many projects on the go

Right now I have several projects I’m working on that I keep hopping back and forth between.  Variety is good.    I’ve got the “sweater of endless stockinette” that I’m working on (that I can knit on when I’m watching a really interesting show because right now it’s just long row upon long row of stockinette.

I have this beaded scarf I showed yesterday – I’ve made a bit more progress on.  I only have to pay attending to the first 8 and last 8 rows where the beads are alternated.


Camp Loopy August project was cast on after midnight on 8-1-20 since I was still awake and knitting into the week hours.   I’m calling my version Pink Sky at Night but the actual  The Sky at Night pattern by Lisa Hannes


Compared to all the fingering weight projects I’m working on, this worsted weight one on size 9 needles is moving along rapidly.  I love heavier yarn shawls with a bit of lace and this one gets a great wide lacy edge.


In addition to using larger needles, I will be using more yardage than the pattern calls for since August Camp Loopy requires a project of 800 yards or more but this is an easy project to enlarge to make the most of the yarn you have.

Lastly (at least at the moment), I started another dishcloth out of some new Cascade Ultra Pima Fine.  This is super easy knitting.


And it will qualify for a year long KAL of different stitches I’m doing, plus some other badges for the ESK Yarnathon.   There’s a badge for placing an order on your birthday so last week I did so – I’m now 60  – so a coworker friend has been teasing me about “how much older I am than she is” — of course she turns 60 this month. LOL  Anyway, I ordered more Cascade Pima Cotton Ultra to make more dishcloths, finish some coaster sets I’m working on,  and see if this yarn can work for potholders (making it double layered.

Here’s all the pretty colors in my birthday order.


A beaded project

The camera is back in working order so I have some pictures to share once again.  This is going to be a little shawl – not to wrap around the shoulders but more as a neck wrap since it only takes on hank of yarn.  The yarn is Dream in Color Jilly and the color way is called Blanchefleur.  It is just so pretty with little blips of color in it.  There are two different colors of beads. You work the pattern from corner to corner on the bias so the corners are heavily beaded but it’s three rows of beads all around the edges of the shawl with the center beadless, which will be apparent once I get farther along.  The pattern is Beadier Shawl.  A couple new projects in the works since I last posted but I’ll save those for later

The hot/humid streak of the last three weeks has finally broken and I was able to turn off the air and open the doors and let some fresh air in and hear the birds singing. Definitely a nice change of weather.