Sweater progress

I’ve been knitting along mostly on the Sheffield Cardigan.   Miles of stockinette and many more to go.  But if it turns out the way I hope, I’m already planning one for me (this one is not for me).

It went from this last picture I showed you.

sweaer This is the sweater knit from sleeve cuff to sleeve cuff sideways.  So that is the left sleeve and start of knitting from and back of sweater where sleecve meets body of sweater.

This yarn is so soft it will feel great on and give a very nice drape to the sweater.


Here is where I am as of now.


Not a great photo – it looks a it blob like –  but it’s raining yet again outside at the moment.  I’ve got it sort of  folded in half at shoulder as if it were on, and that is the left sleeve along with left front and the back is finished across to where the right shoulder would start after neck shaping.

The back stitches are on a piece of yarn being held at the moment so it’s not laid out real flat.  So with those stitches held, I’ve now gone back to the left front section and am in the process of adding a 3″ border section to the front in garter stitch.  The front border is worked in separate sections and will have a little seam in the back.   I was a bit dubious when starting the border section but now I see how it all works.  Interesting construction and since I’ve made a bunch of Amy Herzog patterns, I know to just trust the instructions  and it will all make sense in the end even if reading ahead it did not. This really is a beginner friendly pattern  – knit, purl, knit two together, SSK  – all easy stitches.




Happy Fourth of July Weekend

I finally pulled out my laptop and my camera to take some photos to share.  With working from home part of the time, my own computer is set aside and the work laptop is set up on my  table/work area at home.   To share photos  have to grab my own computer and that just seems like too much work to push everything aside.   Okay  not really too much work but just a bother.

So – the swatch I showed you in the last blog post is working on becoming a sweater at the new gauge I used and I’m liking it much better.  It has been set aside a bit as I’m working on my July Camp Loopy project – which is the Blue Grass pattern.  Here’s the start of that.

I’m loving the look of the lace – which will open up with blocking – but it is one of those patterns that’s not intuitive (at least not for me with it’s 14 row repeat) so I have to pay a bit of attention.  One good thing is if I leave out a yarn over or some other mistake, it can easily be realized in the very next row since things won’t like up correctly so that’s a good thing.  This has a long way to grow since the garter edges on each side of the lace panel get many more increases added to them.

The Go With the Flow I previously showed the start of – that got ripped back.  The single ply yarn was not a good choice  for that pattern – it made the edges look untidy and I think would have stretched way too much.  So I started a new pattern with that yarn – Sheffield Cardigan – an Amy Herzog pattern tho not one done in CustomFit.  It’s knit sideways – starting with sleeve and working across to end with other sleeve.  I’ve got one sleeve done and am working on front and back body stitches but need to get a longer needle to spread it out a bit more.


It has a garter cuff to sleeve and a bit of texture along the top of sleeve/shoulder but is mostly miles of stockinette – my movie watching knitting.

Lastly I started (and restarted) my Yarnathon 3rd Quarterly Beaded project – Morocan Tile Wrap

I got just beyond the first two blocks and decided I needed to restart – here’s the first attempt.  The quilter in me could not live with the way the star block was charted.


The yellow center block doesn’t line up with the edges of the red block or the blue star point sections.  So I redrafted the two charts and started again.    The star block looks so much better now.


I did add the first row of red beads a row to early.  I drew them in the chart so they were centered in the block but when you are actually adding them to your knitting, the slip down over the stitch you are next knitting but that makes them appear to look like they are a row below where you want them. I fixed that on the second group of red squares at the top of the photo above and can live with that one row being off – in the grand scheme of things it won’t be noticed when the project is done.   I’m nearly back to the place where I was when I decided to start over.


The warp is made up of 3 long strips that alternate the star block with the green/blue section to the left of it above.  I also changed the bead placement in the yellow block from the way it was originally designed.