A dreary Saturday – June 20

It’s gray and raining today but I guess I shouldn’t complain too much because we probably could use the rain. It rains, it stops, it rains a bit more but at least it had stopped while the delivery person was dropping off my grocery order. I always feel bad if they have to deliver to me in the pouring rain. This time he lucked out – at least at my place.

But on this dreary day I’m planning my next sweater with these anti-dreary day colors. I saw this flower image and liked the combination of colors in it and when I saw the bottom middle yarn, that was my jumping off place for the other colors. Photos/paintings are a great place to find color combination inspiration for projects.

It will be a fade type sweater where one color sort of leads into the next and the pattern I have been wanting to make is Summer Sorrel. I don’t usually make top down sweaters but this one has been calling to me. But it’s only planning at this point because I have a few other things I want to make some progress on first

Go with the Flow is a simple, loose fitting sleeveless thing to toss on when cold. It’s done in a brioche rib stitch which is very squishy. It’s a very esy stitch but there’s going to be a few million miles (slight exaggeration) of it to knit so I need to switch off with other projects that aren’t so monotonous to knit.

This is actually an old photo but the front of this sweater looks pretty much like the back – back is done and I’m about 6 or 8″ into the front. Again, a fairly monotonous knit but I do have to remember to decrease every so many rows. I’d like to make a bit more headway on this project before July Camp Loopy starts and I switch to that project.

Here’s another image that inspired a sweater yarn combination. I’m going to call my sweater Shades of Blue when I get around to making it.

Chores await… a friend at work gave me a bag of strawberries she and her kids had picked last week so I need to go slice those up and sugar them so they are ready for some angelfood cake with strawberries over it later tonight. Good thing I remembered to add the whipped topping to the grocery order!