Dang birds!

My little sweater pieces that I blocked yesterday I set outside to dry since there was a nice little breeze.  When I went out last night to bring them in birds had pooped on not one, but two separate little pieces!

See the source image


I think that project was doomed from the start.  I had run into issues with the pattern but thought I could still make it work.  I think the issue were caused by it being translated into English and losing something/ numbers not being right in the translation.  Anyway, I saved one “clean” section of it to use as a future gauge swatch for Wollmeise yarn since I did like how the fabric looked at that gauge, and the rest is history.

So on a much brighter note – I decided to cast on a new project in some Malabrigo Rastita yarn – the color is Solis and it’s just a gorgeous color.  The pattern is called Go With The Flow and it’s a really basic, no sleeves, no seams, pull on when you have a chill garment.