Sunday, May 17, 2020

It’s a raining, dreary, gray Sunday here.  There will be a bit of cleaning as soon as I have had a sufficient intake of coffee. :-)

I made some progress on the Clapo-Ktus Shawl (free pattern).  I finished the first cake gradient and am ready to start the second one sitting in the photo.  So half the shawl is finished and now I’ll start the decrease side of the shawl.  There will be a definite line color change right down the middle of the shawl because I’m just using a similar gradient cake but since it’s down the very center I think it will look fine.  On the decrease side you start dropping the purl rows so they unravel all the way along so looking forward to seeing those.

The June Camp Loopy challenges have been announced. It’s Science Camp this year.  I’m going to be knitting my project from stash and have changed my mind several times already on what yarn I want to use.  Now I think I’m going to change the pattern from the shawl I had planned to make to a little girl’s sweater.   Stay tuned…. there’s still a lot of days left until the June 1 start to change my mind yet again.