I finally have a knitting photo to share – 32 days without being able to knit!  Torture!! :-)

The red, gold and aqua stripe sections on the left were knit over the course of this week.  I have to knit continental (so my right arm isn’t doing much work) and slowly but its PROGRESS!   Just being able to pick up some knitting after making the commute at the end of a work day from my “home office” (table and laptop table at one side of the living room) to my knitting chair (out 6-7 feet away) has been great and makes me so happy.


4 comments on “Knitting!

  1. It’s good to see that you can knit again. We need our hobbies more than usual right now. Stay safe!

  2. Great news! Our hobbies are our therapies. We need a dose daily. I’m so sorry you had to do without for so long but good to see that you’ve got needles in your hands again!

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