Hello out there!

I can finally type fairly well with my broken arm.  The last two weeks I have worked three days a week about 6 hrs a day and was very thankful to get out of the apartment, see other people, and not just sit in my chair watching tv.  Couldn’t really do anything other than watch tv which was driving me crazy.  I used my long-handled grabby tool to pick up all the knitting projects scattered around the living room to put them in a big basket to wait until I could actually knit again.  And of course I’m right-handed and broke my right arm so that adds to the fun.

By the way long handled grabby tools are the best.  You of course drop more things, knock more things onto the floor, or need something off the back of a bottommost shelf when the arm really doesn’t want to hang in a bent over position to grab them. :-)

Now, unfortunately like so many people, as of last Thursday I’ll be working remotely from home for a month but I’m very thankful that is an option for me.  And I can gradually ramp back up to my normal 40 hr week as my arm allows  – so much better than just watching tv!

Laundry tasks should reduce since I don’t have to venture out – I can wear my pjs and robe and arm sling all day – something they would have frowned on if I were actually going into the office.  Trust me, shimmying out of jeans with one hand to go to the bathroom is a hassle!!  Of course I have a good friend who is  wonderful and so appreciated who was driving me to and from work, appts, taking out my garbage, putting together that new adjustable height laptop table that allows me to easily type now, opening those new peanut butter and other jars I couldn’t get opened one-handed. :-)

And I have been able to knit a few rows on a simple project the last couple of days.  Even those few rows made me so happy.  So today I need to clear a few things off the table next to the laptop table so my “home office” is a bit organized and do a bit of  vacuuming.  It may take me a bit (or a lot) longer to do some of those tasks one-handed but I’m so glad that I can finally do a bit more.

Stay healthy.

7 comments on “Hello out there!

  1. So glad to hear that you have some help AND that you are making progress. Isn’t it funny how when you get laid up that work sounds like Heaven!!! Lol! I’m sure it feels good to pick up your needles again too and even a few rows here and there make the soul happy! Have a great week!

  2. I share your pain. In 2009 I broke my right wrist/arm, surgery etc. Then in 2010 I broke the left, same ordeal. I was feeling a little miserable when a lady in the ortho waiting room was sitting beside me in a wheelchair. She had fallen and broke both wrists, her shoulder and an ankle at the same time. I didn’t feel so bad after that.

  3. Good to hear from you and know you are on the mend. Just when you thought you could go out and see people again….Take care.

  4. Glad to hear you’re doing better. It’s no fun not being able to do the things you enjoy, but hang in there. It will be behind you soon. Nice that you can work from home and be comfortable. Stay well.

  5. I am interested in the adjustable table you have. My mother has limited mobility and we are trying to find a rolling table that adjusts for various uses like her laptop, a puzzle board and eventually meals.

    I’m glad you are able to knit again!

    • There are many different kinds of height adjustable tables. I got it from Amazon for under $40. It’s perfect for me. The one I got is
      Seville Classics 23.6″ Solid-Top Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Desk Cart (20.5″ to 33″ H) Ergonomic Table, Walnut

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