A Sunny Sunday – 2-16-20

Yes for a change it’s a sunny Sunday here and not snowing.  It’s also quite a bit warmer than that one morning this week when I was 11 degrees below zero as I was waiting at the bus stop.  I’m very glad it was only that cold that one day.

This morning I finally finished taking down the Christmas tree and got everything packed back into the storage tub.  Now I just need to figure out if that tub will fit in the sewing room closet and free up some space in the other closet but the sewing room cleaning will wait until next weekend.  I just dragged it in that room and shut the door for the time being. Since then have been doing some other cleaning so it’s time for a coffee break (not that I don’t drink coffee all morning long while doing those things!)

Next up is sorting all the knitting works in progress scattered all over the living room.  If you’ve read the blog before you likely realize that I always have several knittting projects going at once –  well several has turned to many and they are scattered and piled everywhere. I need to corral the ones in current rotation and store the others in the sewing room that aren’t being worked on at the moment.

I just got a new large basket to put all the ones I’m working on in so they are not piled all around my chair.

20200216_7I love the braided designs woven in where the gray and white meet and the little bit of gray detail along the top edge – rather unique.

This one is the larger of two I got.  It can hold white a bit since I currently have a king-size bed pillow and two 18″ couch pillows and the big shawl I keep by my knitting chair to  get I back into round shape.  It of course comes flattened in a box so you need to stuff it full of things and let it sit overnight in order to get the shape back.  And the spot between the two chairs where the x-mas tree had been will be the perfect place for this basket.

Now I know you will be amazed that after saying I was not buying yarn this year that I might have had some yarn arrive at my house.  I could give you reasons like it was on sale, it was on sale, there were yarnathon power boost yards at stake as well as yarnathon star earning potential, or that we hadn’t seen sun in so many days and it was cold and snowy, oh yes and that state tax refund had arrived so I needed to spend just a bit of it to boost the economy — all really good yarn buying reasons and all of them are actually true — but heck you and I know it was pretty and I wanted it for a sweater so it made sense to get it know for all the foregoing reasons.


These are going to be a fade type sweater where one color is faded into the next.  I had ordered one more color but it didn’t go well in reality so set that aside for some socks.  Then I had to go back and order duplicates of a couple colors so that I would have enough yardage for the sweater,  I didn’t want to order duplicates with the first order in case there were more colors that didn’t mesh as well in real life as on the monitor (see I was being frugal right?)   I love these colors and they are all Dream In Color Smooshy with Cashmere so they feel so soft.

The Loopy Ewe is also doing a Spring CAL (crochet along).  It’s low key – just a thread on Ravelry where you can chat about what your crochet project is and chat while working on it.  I had been wanting to make Ziggy Interrupted so decided to get this yarn from TLE to do it.  I don’t do a lot of crocheting but the panels of little square motifs between the zig zag sections I think I can handle.


I might have enticed friend Judy into getting the Ziggy Interrupted pattern too.  And I might have also led her astray with a sweater pattern, Casco Bay.  It’s a totally comfy looking relaxed sweater with drop shoulders by Amy Herzog.  If you’ve read the blog you know I use Amy’s CustomFit program to generate my sweater patterns.  Amy has just added a drop shoulder sweater option to CustomFit so I want to try it out with this sweater (previously it was all regular set in sleeve styles).   The pattern comes as a CustomFit pattern or as a regular pattern in various sizes.   Judy got the regular pattern and I’ll be doing a CF version.  I was originally going to use the “fade” sequence yarn above for this sweater but I’m going to make one in a plain (or nearly solid) yarn first that’s a little heavier (sport weight) to make sure I like the way it fits before working on a fingering weight one.

My swatch is done – it just needs to dry a little more.  I’ll be using some stash yarn – I know from the stash can you believe it! – Squoosh FiberArts Rapture yarn in Balasam.


Casco Bay uses a Shadow Rib stitch and this is the “right side” but the sweater uses the “wrong side”  (bottom image) as the outside.

I like both sides but I think I will use the top side as the outside for mine.



I just need to wait for them to dry a bit more so I can weigh the swatch and figure out what my gauge is and then I’ll be all set to generate my pattern once I enter in that info.

I was also swatching with a second similar texture stitch in fingering weight – I like this stitch pattern too and may use it for the fade version.  It’s called the Grid Stitch.


Okay – on to sorting those knitting projects and seeing if I can’t get them organized.

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  1. I am in awe at your powers of yarn rationalization! It’s a good thing you use your powers for good! Have fun using up all that yarn.

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