Feb. 9, 2020 – Yet Another Snowy Sunday

I’m really not complaining about the snow – I had nowhere I had planned to go (except to take stuff out to the dumpsters/recycling and then down to the mailboxes) which I could still do but they haven’t shoveled any walks and I don’t know what the parking lot might be like to walk thru (since it’s on the other side of the building) so haven’t bothered to venture out today except to open the door to see if it was still snowing and how cold it was.  Definitely cold and probably 4-5″ of new snow but it looks like it’s finally slowing down.

So I’ve been doing a few chores, baked a quiche, and now I think I bit of knitting.

I’m still working on my cowl – which I’m about halfway thru and just switched from blackish background to grayish background.

This is a super easy knit in the round.  I’ve changed the striped sequence a little and added in a multicolored yarn which the colors are actually much darker in than it photographs but it will be a fun cowl to wear when finished and very warm since it’s knit as a tube.

Yesterday I also started a new scarf in chunky yarn.  I’ve been saving this Purple Rain colorway for a scarf and maybe mitts for me.

I looked for a long time thru patterns on Ravelry trying to decide what pattern I wanted to use for this scarf and finally thought – you just bought that new Stitch book – just find a stitch you like and make a scarf!  So I’m using the Lacy V-Stitch – I love the look of lace in heavier yarns.  The lace pattern doesn’t show up well in my photos but after blocking it will be so pretty.

It’s also a very easy stitch pattern to remember which is a bonus – good tv or bus riding knitting.

I added a row of eyelets at the bottom edge so that I can easily and evenly attach clusters of fringe because I think I want to put my fringe twister to work and have lots of twisted fringe on this .The colors in this yarn are so pretty on this base.  I wish I had gotten more of it when it was available but I shall be content with my scarf and anything else I can make out of the leftovers.

There was some yarn added which will be used to make a “fade” type project.    I think I also have a couple more hanks in the stash that might work well with this group but I haven’t gone looking for them yet since I have plenty of items on the needles at the moment.

A friend gave me some gourmet hot chocolate for Christmas and I haven’t tried it yet so I think on this snowy day I shall have to have a hot cocoa break!

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