A snowy cold weekend

Burrr… it has been really cold the past four or five days – temps in single digits and wind chills below zero, along with the 5-6″ of new snow that arrived Friday night into Saturday.   I did venture out for breakfast with a friend this morning and that was enough out in the cold – I think it was 4 degrees at the time.  The rest of the day I’ve been puttering around with a few things and knitting.

Several of the linen stitch mug rugs I’ve been making from stash are now done.   The one I was turning into a button flap card pouch is still not dry from blocking, but here are the other things off the needs in the last couple of days.



The one above is one of my favorites — I used up the last little bit to make a fob to attach to my key chain.  This little “book bag” can hold several dollar coins – I like to keep them handy in case I loose a bus ticket.  It’s 2″ square.



The photo above is a close up of another of my favorite ones.  I made it as long as I could with the scraps I had left and it ended up just over 6″ x 11″ and fits on the table next to wear I knit nicely.  The table/cabinet has a wicker insert in the top and I keep losing pins or stitch markers in the wicker or getting them stuck there.  This will cover that entire area.

I did think about taking down the Christmas tree this weekend but never got around to it – perhaps next weekend instead.

I’m not looking forward to heading out to the bus stop for work tomorrow morning but at least the low temp for tonight is several degrees warmer than it was when I went out for breakfast this morning.  Good thing I’ve got all those wooly knits to pile on.

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