Seeing Red

It’s funny how some times it seems I’m stuck in a color rut.   There are many times when I would be working on a sewing project and the colors were the same as my current knitting project.   Right now that color rut seems to be red.   I’ve got the Guernsey Wrap that is bright red and I need to make a baby blanket and what color did I find for that – dark red.

Since I’m trying to work from stash this year (12 days into the new year and not a single yarn order has been placed – at this point last year three separate orders had been placed).   So I looked up what I had in worsted weight that was machine wash and dry since it’s for a baby and Cascade 220 Superwash was my choice and I knew where the red was so grabbed that.

I’m making theHooded Baby Wrap with Ears – looks like a teddy bear ears – but I’m going to make it a bit bigger than the pattern calls for. I’m also changing the pattern slightly to give it an edging – it’s knit on the diagonal and is a super easy beginner type project.

Here’s my start from yesterday.


Lovely squishy garter stitch.  The color in the top photo is true.  Very much a tv watching sort of knit since you do the same thing every row.  I was very lazy yesterday afternoon and evening – started a free trial of Masterpiece and spent it knitting and watching Masterpiece shows.  A bit disappointed with the Masterpiece channel – not much I really want to watch – granted I have seen a lot of them – but there were two or three series that looked really interesting but they are in foreign languages so that was disappointing.  I’ll cancel before the free trial expires but I did see a couple good shows.


I’m being a bit more productive today – doing some chores before I go make a big bowl of popcorn for lunch and do some more knitting.  I want to finish this mug rug today — which I decided last night will not be a mug rug after all but I will fold it in half, put a zipper in the top and sew the sides to make a zippered coin purse.


This brilliant idea came to me after digging for something in my bag/purse and coming up with a handful of loose change that had collected in the bottom.  I may need to turn more mug rugs into purse accessories – sunglass case and other goodies.

We did not get much from the second wave of the winter storm yesterday – only a dusting of snow compared to 6″ they thought we might get – I’ll take 3″ total over 12″ total any day but dang when I opened the door to look out that wind is cold.  I think winter has finally arrived to stay.

5 comments on “Seeing Red

  1. Very cute hooded blanket. I’ll be curious to see how you enlarge it. Also, you’re using worsted yarn instead of the called for bulky. Hmmmm….. I’m not too good at changing things up. Keep me posted on your progess.

    • Because it is knit on the diagonal, I’ll just keep increasing until I get basically half the size of the square I want and then start decreasing. Nothing tricky about it. It could just as easily be made by knitting a square blanket piece (not on the diagonal) and then adding the hood but knitting the blanket on the diagonal means the garter rows will be going the same direction across as the hood section which is also knit on the diagonal.

  2. I get in a color rut too and often find that I have several projects going with the same colors. This fall it seemed like every quilting project I worked on had pink in it.

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