Twisted Stocking Cap

Eat.Sleep.Knit is doing a Flash KAL for stocking caps.  Originally I wasn’t going to do it but decided a stocking cap would be a great holiday gift for a friend who spends a lot of time outdoors in the winter.    I decided to make the Twisted Stocking Cap – put my fringe twister to work for the tassels but I plan to add more because well… more is always better for fringes, tassels, pompoms, etc.

I went stash diving and found some Farm Twist (Farm Twist yarn for a twisted stocking cap – seems meant to be) in a color called Fragile.  Drips and drabs of colors on a white background.


I spent all yesterday until early evening cleaning out bins and containers of knitting projects.  Much sorting, untangling, separating into piles of places to where they need to go.  Ripped out a few projects I just don’t want to continue, reclaimed needles and stitch markers that were spread throughout all those containers.  I also went through the “finished projects” to see what I want to sell, give away or keep.   I’ve got some buttons to sew on some kids’ sweaters and sewed a few pom poms on some little kids hats.  Progress was made but I still don’t have all the clutter cleared away – but I’m happy with the stuff I got organized.

One of the projects that I found in the drawer was a cowl – Harmonize – that I had all the color work finished on and just needed to do the dark teal section  at the top on.  So last night I finished knitting that and here it is fresh off the needles.  It definitely needs some blocking but I’ll save that for a day when I have a couple things to block.


The yarn is Western Sky Knits DK and it is so plumpy and thick feeling.  I love it.




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  1. The cowl is really beautiful – and I see a little snow behind it. So it’s almost time for the cowl to be practical.

  2. Always so nice to get things reorganized. So many wonderful things to be found. Beautiful work on the cowl!

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