October 17 – interruptions

Doesn’t everyone know I’m on vacation! LOL  First I knew I had to get up and get dressed and not lounge about in my jammies because building maintenance was coming round to switch out the furnace filters today.  I was hoping they would be here early and get it over with and by 9:30 or so they were here and gone.  Of course a couple hours before that there was all kinds of ruckus outside – electric company pulling new underground lines to the power box  not far from my door.  Don’t know how they drove their big cherry picker back there but they did.   I’m very glad I was puttering around and didn’t manage to get the apple pie in the oven  early this morning because all of a sudden everything went dark.  I walked outside and asked how long the power would be out – oh an hour or maybe 1-1/2 hrs.     Crikes! I had just hit the button on the coffee maker and it had not made any coffee yet.  It could have been worse – the power was restored within an hour and it forced me to clean up some paperwork that I had sitting in the sewing room and trash/store it where it belonged – and clean up a few other things I had been procrastinating on (which reminds me I need to go turn the washer back on).

Anyway – not the way I wanted my day to start but now that I’ve had coffee, all is good and I may make the pie after I’ve had lunch.


This arrived earlier this week – the first order I placed during MadTosh’s  huge sale.  The color is Malmo and the base is Farm Twist – which is DK weight.  I really want to swatch for a new sweater but I’m forcing myself to finish one on the needles before I even swatch because if I swatch, I know myself  – I will just cast on another one. :-)

I worked a bit last night on my Luftig.  It’s coming along and today I decided to spread it across some longer cable needles so that I could try it on to make sure I had picked the right rate of increase for the body.  I’ve never made a top down, in the round, saddle shoulder sweater but similar to the CustomFit program I use when making pieced sweaters, the patterns by this designer are written so you can use any yarn/gauge.


It looks like a boxy blob here – but then it is basically a loose fitting tee – and it looks like it’s going to be just right.  Now to knit another 6 to 8″ of stockinette to get it the length I want after I switch it all back to one needle.


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  1. There should be rules about not shutting off the power before your coffee was made. That was very unfair!! Beautiful green yarn.

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