Chunky Monkey Badge Projects

My Chunky Monkey Badge projects for Eat.Sleep.Knit are done.   They were fun to make but I am so not a large needle/hook person.    But I have two fun scarfs to show for it.  My hands will thank me never to knit with 19mm sticks again – especially the crocheting – that really made my hands sore so they are recuperating by working on ‘normal’ projects.   The crochet hook has already been passed on to a friend and the needles offered up on the ESK Rav site to send on to someone else wanting to get their chunky monkey badge.

Here’s the scarf I made.  I got a bit carried away was I was crocheting and not paying attention to how long it was getting.  But I love the way it looks and you can always wrap it more than one around the neck….or 3 times or 4….


It ended up being 120″ long minus the fringe.  Due to it being hand dyed yarn, one hank has a bit more gold to it and the other more purples but the colors are all so pretty.  It’s just 6 double crochets to a row and boy do double crochets eat up super bulky yarn.

I’m also working on the neck band to my Rose fade sweater.  I can’t get a good photo of this yarn color to show the cables more that go up the center of the band but here’s the best I can do


This band is rather boring knitting but I really want to get this sweater finished soon so I shall carry on. 20191006_11