Sweater progress

I haven’t been doing anything too exciting other than knitting.  The week was really humid so no being outside more than necessary, or raining.    The humidity is abating with this latest thunderstorm and them temps are suppose in the 70s so there’s hope for improvement.

In the meantime, its a dark, dreary, damp (wet) morning.  A friend gave me some Macs and Cortlands from her trip to the apple orchard yesterday so I may have to bake something apple-y.  I’ve been hungry for cold tuna pasta salad so may need to mix up a bowl of that so I have it for lunches this week.  Otherwise a few loads of laundry between knitting.

The start of the sweater projects I showed last week – well here’s the update – the front piece was finished yesterday.  I need to wind more yarn today so I can cast on the other front.


That’s the right front.  It has 5 stitches of stockinette which will be along where the button band is added, then 20 stitches of reverse stockinette, and the rest stockinette.  It also has twisted rib ribbing which makes the ribs stand out a bit more distinctly.

I’m glad I alternated hanks every two rows – it blended things overall since one was darker and one lighter.    In a close up you can see all the colors that are really in there compared to this shot a bit farther away.


The sweater from Denise’s Snowy Day yarn also got about 3″ added to it last night.