Primavera…. pasta or….

Well I learned something new today when I looked up the definition of Primavera.   When I see that word my mind automatically goes to



Yum pasta primavera looks delicious.   Or recently my mind would go to

primavera  Yep – that’s yarn (Rios) and the colorway is called Primavera. That’s why I was curious as to what the definition was of Primavera – and it means Spring.    That image is from the shop website and I thought – a bit outside of my normal colors but it would be pretty in a sweater and it does look spring-like  But with all hand dyed yarns – not all hanks are exactly the same since there are no dye lots.

20190817_4Here is the photo I took of all the yarn in the box taken outside in bright sunlight – you can see many shades in this yarn.  Inside in the light it looks totally different.  I pulled out one hank to do some swatching.  I do believe I pulled out the one with the darkest shades in it to swatch with because these look much darker in tone.


The above swatch is the same stitch pattern from a scarf I recently finished.  I do plan to use it in a sweater – like with the same brand of yarn – but in a more solid color so the pattern shows up more.


This swatch will be the one I use to generate the pattern for my CustomFit cardigan I will generate the pattern for.  It will be a basic cardigan – I haven’t decided if it will be vee, scoop or crew neck yet, with a section of reverse stockinette (the center of the swatch) running up the fronts (and made on the sleeves too).  The back will be plain stockinette and the need to decide between 3/4 length or full length sleeves.   I will definitely need to alternate hanks of yarn as I knit to try to get things to blend from hank to hank.  This is the photo I took today – these hanks all seem to have more color in them – at least in bright sunlight so it will be interesting to see how this sweater knits up.  It will likely look totally different in indoor light than outdoor.


so now I’m hungry for pasta – good thing the spaghetti sauce is already made for dinner tonight.