A fine Saturday

It’s a perfect weather day for me here today – the first in a long time – low 70s, light breeze, sunny.  I can open up the door and let the fresh air in and turn off the AC after all the humidity earlier this week.  I was up earlier doing a bit of cleaning but I pulled a muscle in my back a while ago and irritated it yesterday so will let some of the cleaning wait a few days.   Heating pad last night did help tremendously tho.

Exciting packages arrived from Amazon yesterday.  I use my Amazon gift cards to things I might not normally buy.  I did buy one thing I have been needing for quite a while – new silverware.  The old stuff had brightly colored plastic/acrylic handles and where they attach to the metal they let water get in so I was tossing some as they got rusty in that area and the acrylic handle weakens and cracks so I was tossing more as they broke.  Let’s just say there was not a lot of choice left in my silverware drawer.  That has now been rectified.  I love kitchen gadgets and things.

I also ordered something that when I saw it I really wanted but did not really need.  I put it in and out of the cart over several days and finally decided – it’s a gift card so it’s a fun gift to myself.  Doesn’t every knitter need a rolling pin embossed with a knitting pattern  (it appears to be a purl and slip stitch pattern) :-) on it???

Why of course they do — or at least I now of two of them that do because once I ordered it I told friend Judy and she had to order one too.  Yes, I have led her astray again. :-)


For some reason I couldn’t get the Amazon link to connect but this is what it looks like (although I’m sure I won’t be putting my baked cookies on my knitting).   My favorite cookies are plain butter/shortbread type cookies so this would be fun to have a design on them.  I’m wondering if I make a slightly thicker pie crust than I normally do – could I emboss that too?  I can see homemade pasties and pies with this on top.  Hmmmm.  Time will tell – it’s coming from overseas so it I will have to patiently wait for it.

Speaking of knitting, I’m hoping to finish the  periwinkle sweater today.


The buttonhole side of the band is done – yep I’m going to love those buttons when they are sewn on the other side – and I’ve got about 5 or 6 rows of the other button band to knit before that’s done.  Then I just need to give the button bands a bit of a steam block before I add the ribbon and buttons.  This would be the perfect weight sweater to wear on a day like today.




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    • Yes I’ve seen the fondant molds before – lots to choose from. The rolling pin is from Amazon – if you type in the text that I included within the top of the photo you should find it.

  1. I ordered a couple of custom rolling pins for my girls at Christmas and they were wonderful. Also arrived faster than I expected.

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