It was a busy knitting nite

My ESK third-quarter KAL sweater is complete!  Ribbon sewn to the back of the button band – the original blue print ribbon I had bought planning to use on this sweater was too wide after all so I grabbed another fun one – no one sees it by me anyway.


The buttons are sewn on – these first two photos I was finally able to get true color photos of the pretty blue of this sweater.


and it’s ready to wear when those cool breezes set in.


I love how this turned out and it fits perfectly.  The Queensland Kathmandu yarn is probably my favorite worsted/aran weight sweater yarn.  Its soft and it is lightweight to wear – doesn’t weigh you down because it’s sort of an “airy” yarn the way it is made and I do love the bit of tweed flecks in it.    My buttonholes also turned out really great.  I was having issues with them being floppy, not holding shape but found this video and it made nice stable buttonholes that won’t stretch out of shape.

One row buttonholes – Roxanne Richardson

And can I just say one more time how much I love those cute dog buttons! :-)

and that was not all — not that I got the perfect periwinkle buttons, I got that whole sweater seamed last night!   Now I can move on to the button bands.




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