Sweater Seaming

I’ve been very busy with my knitting (like usual) and set my Luftig aside for a week or two so that I could get two other sweaters finished and off the needles.  I’m getting closer.

My blue cardigan which I was blocking last time I wrote, got seamed yesterday and I did have the buttonband started but I think I picked up too many stitches so ripped it all out this morning to start over. Nothing more irritating than a loose waffley buttonband.

But here it is all seamed. – minus buttonband.

20190811_2It’s the Basic Black pattern by Glenna C. on Ravelry.  Very basic cardigan with 3/4 sleeves (mine might be a bit longer than 3/4 but not full length.  I put the basic schematic info for that sweater into CustomFit to get it to the size I wanted.   The armcycles are always a bit too shallow on regular patterns for me and CF adjusts the info to move the increases/decreases where they should fall on me.

The wide 2 x 2 ribbing was done on the size 8 needles I used for the body.  Many patterns have you use a smaller size needle for ribbing but I didn’t want the ribbing to really ‘pull in’ on the bottom and sleeves but more lay flat as an extension of the stockinette.  The button band however, I will use a smaller needle on because it would be too floppy if I used the larger needle with this yarn.  The yarn is Kathmandu, a yarn I love, but it doesn’t have a lot of memory to it in my opinion so it won’t stretch and spring back like other ribbing.  I tried the sweater on it and it I it fits great.  And the buttons I ordered arrived and they are perfet with it.


Who wouldn’t want dogs in hats on their buttons with a little scarf tided around their neck.  Very Tyrolean looking.   You can see a couple of the buttons are catching the light more so their luminescence shows up.    The buttons are Czech glass buttons – a style of buttons I love – and came from MostlyButtons on Etsy.  I’ll be shopping there again because there are so many gorgeous buttons to choose from – like little works of art in themselves.

I also made great progress on my Rose fade cardigan.  Last section was finished, back seam done, long ribbed cuff added to one sleeve and underarm seam finished on that side.  I’ve got a bit of the other cuff started too.  Here’s the shot of one cuff finished.

20190810_5 There’s a lot of ribbing left on this one in my future.  The bottom band of the sweater needs to have a wide ribbing band added to it and then I’m still debating where I just add ribbing or if I add the cabled neck band to it.  I’ll add the neckband last and see what colors of yarn I have left over and decide then.


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