Just back from several days visiting with my parents in toasty Iowa – it’s always about 10 degrees warmer by them than at my house – and with the current heat wave here and there, it was no exception.   And since my favorite sister and favorite brother-in-law  (never mind that they are my only sister and only brother-in-law – its always a fun time  except I lost big time when playing cards) only live a few streets away I was able to visit with them as well.  Now I’m all confused – I keep thinking tomorrow is Monday and not Thursday since I am working the last two days of this week.

So now a bit of laundry and tidying up around here.   I came back with a new load of books to read from my parents so need to sort through those and find them a home.

The sitting and visiting was also great for knitting time, along with car knitting on the way there and back.  I made good progress on my Luftig sweater.  If you scroll back to the prior post I had been working in the round on the neck edge and saddle shoulder area.  Then you bind off the top of the saddle shoulder and continue knitting back separate from front until below the armholes where you join it all in the round again.  I finished the back down to where it needs to be to join back in the round and I’m now working my way down to the front to that point.  Large swatchs of stockinette have been knit.


Can I just say again how much I love the look of this specky yarn!



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  1. That is beautiful. The specks remind me of the confetti angel food cakes my Mom use to make.

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