June 17, 2019

Today’s yarny photo is of the Fall Frolic I plan to add next to my weaving.  How sure how they will look together but time will tell.



The July projects for Camp Loopy were announced.  You can find all the info on the Loopy Ewe blog.    I decided I was not going to do the knitting camp for July but switch back to the sewing camp project for that month.  I know – sewing – my sewing machine is feeling sorely neglected!  I shall remedy that.


The theme for the July Camp sewing challenge is to incorporate all the colors of your country’s flag in a project.  So of course I need to use red, white and blue in my project.  I’m going to be making it from my stash of Loopy Ewe fabrics so need to so see what I can find.  I do have in mind a bag pattern that I previously about for some camp or challenge project but never made and I do have in mind a cute fabric that incorporates all the colors I need to use but (1) need to see how much of that fabric is left and (2) need to see if any of the other red/white/blue fabrics call out to me for a different project.    I need a new bag and who doesn’t need a summer bag with foxes in sailor suits on it?!

I’m thinking of using the McKenzie Bag pattern.  And the fabric is left over from a past Loopy Challenge project.


It’s the backing fabric I used on this 2016 Camp Loopy project.