Sunny Saturday

It was a gorgeous morning around here. When I left to go out for breakfast blue skies, sunshine, light breeze and about 65 degrees.  When I got back a couple hours later it had warmed up to upper 70s – a prefect kind of day for me.  It’s clouding up and rain will be coming in but the morning was just lovely.

Breakfast out, a few errands run, a few chores done around the apartment – I’ve been keeping busy.  I was going to take my coffee outside and knit for a bit but the gnats have been horrible this week and there’s not enough of a breeze to keep them at bay.

Here’s my Temperature Tracker.  I knit on this most of this week when I had knitting time because I was way behind. I’m finally knitting in May temps and hope to get May finished this weekend.  I’m just a bit farther along than this photo which was taken before I picked it up to work on last night.


And I think I’ve made a decision about which yarn to put on the loom next.  There’s a couple different weaving techniques I want to try  – nothing too tricky because I really like just simple plain weaving – very meditative to do – but one of the things I want to try is line up the warp yarn so that it pools as it is warped.  I know that that particular yarn pools nicely when knit and with the way it is dyed, I should be able to line up the colors side by side in the warp.


The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sport and the colorway – well “Crabby Mchappypants” of course. 🙂  For the weft I’m going to use a similar yarn – same type and the color is  Fall Frolic.  The one on the right below.


I’m thinking it should make a lovely fallish scarf – or I may use the fabric to make a bag – I’ll have to wait and see.  The living room needs cleaning tho before I can pull the loom back out and make room to warp it.