Tidying up

I am so not tidy.  Things just seem to get cluttered up very easily around here and the worst part is I can’t blame it on anyone else but me! 🙂  Since it’s a rainy/drippy day here it’s a good day to do some cleaning.

I have a  counter area that runs along the side of my kitchen.  Between it and the breakfast bar – everything that doesn’t get put back where it belongs seems to get dumped or shoved onto one of those surfaces.  I couldn’t stand it anymore and have spent part of today cleaning out those areas (okay amidst many coffee breaks and watching a movie because I hate this kind of cleaning.)   Old mail, bills, health info, – all that stuff to sort thru to see what I really need to keep – those little booklets you get with new coffee makers and other cookware, plastic grocery bags, paper bags, some food boxes flattened but not put in the recycling – that side counter was just full of crap.  So I’ve sorted it all – making a bag of old bills and other stuff that I need to take to work to dump in our big shredder – put away the health info/ product warranty stuff to where I actually keep all that stuff, tossed out a bunch of stuff I don’t know why I was keeping, and put everything back in it’s rightful place.  I didn’t take a before photo – that would have been very embarrassing but I did take this after one so I remember how nice it is when everything is cleaned up.  And in the process found two gift cards I had forgotten about.


I have most of the breakfast bar cleaned up but there’s two containers – basket sort of things – that contain more paperwork I need to sort thru and I’m just not feeling this project anymore so I may save that to sort through tomorrow night since I’ve got more laundry to finish and I just might do a bit of baking this afternoon – or maybe just find a good movie and go knit.

This is the project I started on yesterday.  One of the ESK badges is called High Turnover.  It’s for starting a project the same day as you get new yarn you ordered.   I wanted to knit Wend – a simple summery top and I had some Winning yarn in my stash (which is silk/linen/flax blend – very light an perfect for a summery top. But I had that yarn in my stash because I ended up hating one of the colors I bought so that original project never got made.  But I could use the other color and get one new color to work for Wend.

So when my new color arrived yesterday (Heritage – it’s the coral color) I just had to cast on for this project to get the High Turnover badge, right?!   The brownish color is called Raggedy Man and I’m a big fax of coral shades and brown shades used together.


So I swatched – the swatch above is before I blocked it.  This yarn tends to bloom a bit when it’s thrown in the dryer for a little while and blocking did even out the stitches.  So last night I started on the sweater.  It’s made in four separate sections, two fronts and two backs, and then seamed.  I’m contemplating reversing the colors on two sections — so one half of the front would be Heritage with Raggedy Man stripes and the other side would be Raggedy Man with Heritage stripes — but I haven’t decided for sure if I’ll do that or not.  This will be a great bus knitting project since it’s basically all stockinette with very little shaping so I can knit long sections without having to refer to a pattern.


I also like the lower edging on this project – it’s not ribbing – which has a tendency to flip up with some yarns on me. It’s basically short of triangles of garter and stockinette – very unusual and doesn’t look like it will flip – I’ll have to see if I can get a better photo of the edging later.

I’m also on the second section of my Fade sweater – which is coming along nicely.  This is the right front section.



2 comments on “Tidying up

  1. Beautiful yarns but I’m even more impressed with your clean-up. We have the same problem in our house but we get to blame each other! Hahaha! Enjoy that beautiful counter as long as you can!!!

  2. Denise, I was very interested in your knitting
    Today. I love those colors together and I like the
    Edging on the sweater. I have never seen that
    Before. Thanks for sharing. Always like
    What you are working on but today was special

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