Cherry Swirl Shawl

I call this shawl Cherry Swirl – due to the yarn colors.  It turned out so pretty in the Knit Circus gradient yarn.  The colorway is called Kid In a Candy Store.  I used almost two full balls of yarn.

I used the first ball of yarn from the outside which was the lightest color (shawl is worked top down) and then when I got to the end of the first ball (the darkest red area), I started the second ball from the center so I could continue with the darkest red working out to the lighter colors at the end of the lacy edging.  The edging was fun to knit; I’ve never knit an open edge like that.

The final shawl I had completed that needed blocking is in the sink in a colander draining off some of the water.  It’s a bulky yarn so that one is going to take a while to dry, even with the fan on it.  But that’s the last project for the time being that needs to be blocked.


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