Computer issues

Well I’ve come to the conclusion that my laptop has lived a long and good life but it needs to be replaced.   I just realized it’s about 8 years old so a very good life.   But it will no longer let me get to the blog no matter what I do.

While it survived the update to Windows 10, it did not like it and refused to accept the last big update 10 had.   I think that’s what’s playing havoc with accessing my blog.

Anyway — hopefully in a week or two at the latest I will be back in business with a new computer once I make a final decision on what I want and get everything set up on the new one (I hate that task).

In the meantime, I have been very busy knitting, casting on more things, casting on all the things, a new Eat.Sleep.Knit Yarnathon started January 1 so I’m plotting planning and starting projects for that.  The Loopy Ewe has a new winter session of Knights of the Round Table, which includes a sweater KAL (which I plan to do) and a subgroup in TLE Ravelry group is doing a Wollmeise KAL, which I also plan to do.  And of course there’s my own personal challenge with friend Judy to finish 12 sweaters (I finally found the perfect buttons for the green sweater last week along with buttons for two other sweaters so I will be starting a seaming party this weekend to get some of those finished).

One of the projects for the ESK Yarnathon is a Temperature project — where you knit a project using a different colored yarn for different temperature increments. So at the end of the year you have a record in colored stripes of your temps for the year. There’s many ways to do it but I’m going to be changing color for every 12 degree increment rather than the usual 10 degree increments most people do since I’ve got below zero temps to 100+ (tho we don’t get over 100 often thank goodness) and didn’t really see any more colors in the yarn available that I wanted to add.  I’ll provide more detail later on pattern I’m using and hopefully by the time I have the new computer, will have knit some of it.  So far I’m just keeping track of the daily high temps and waiting for my yarn to arrive.  The hard part was picking all the colors but here is what I’ll use – the harder part will be deciding what color to assign to each temp range.  The bottom multicolored one will be the borders and a dividing section to show where each month ends.


And I’ll be heading back into the sewing room soon – I have projects I want to get quilted and a couple I want to start and due to some health issues I didn’t get the bosses’ holiday gifts done (they were very brave and didn’t cry that they didn’t get their gifts yet and are patiently waiting) 🙂 so I want to get those underway ASAP.  They will be much larger versions of this little tree stitchery framed.  With different wooden buttons and beads, etc.


Lots going on – so be sure to check back and hopefully before long I’ll be back up and running from a new laptop at home.




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  1. Good luck getting the new laptop. I recently (about a year ago come to think of it so not really recently) got a new laptop and the worst part (besides realizing I hadn’t backed up my files and lost a slew of things) is definitely setting up the new one. Good luck!

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