ASAP is the Madelintosh yarn I showed yesterday  looking like this.


And as of this morning it looks like this.  The pattern is called Never Fading and with this super bulky yarn it knits up so quickly – of course larger needles help too.  It was supposed to be knit on size 11 but I only had straight needles in that size, so I pulled out my 10.875 (7.5mm) which surely is close enough.  Now I’m just hoping those circular needles are long enough to hold all the stitches.   With this pattern the “purl” side is the “right” side.  The colors fade into each other — I’ve just started my third color in the photo below – color order is right to left in photo above.


But I also like the “wrong” side of this pattern – the stockinette size which shows more clearly where the alternating stripes are where you transition from one color to the next.   reverse size

And I like all those fat stitches that show up on the reverse side all lined up so nice and neatly – this yearn has great stitch definition.